#4ch/8ch 1080P

Mobile NVR

● Latest chip and firmware
● H-protocol consistency
● Optimized Structure
● Optimized GPS

Why Choose Howen MNVR?

Optimize your fleet management

Howen MNVR maintains a compact design with high cost performance, and can be flexibly expanded via the Howen AI box to support AI functions (FR, DMS, ADAS).

Innovative Sleep mode support working in ultra-low power consumption, saving vehicle battery after ignition off.

Howen Re-designed Hard disk case, not only supports 4TB disks but also greatly improves ANTI-VIBRATION performance, which greatly protects the recording safety, and eliminate recording-loss rate.

hw MNVR bg


Most Reliable Recording

● New-designed HDD structure
● Innovative dual-flash design


GPS Accuracy

● Optimized GPS sensitivity
● GPS low-power mode
● 2-3s relocate after tunnels


Lowest Latency

● Video with almost “zero” lag/delay
● Minimum delay of GPS/speed OSD

Optimize User Experience

Convenient Installation

• Cable Harness for video inputs, save size/dimensions
• Multiple length of cable, for easy connection

Easy Config by iTool APP

• Save Capex cost: no need of monitor+remote controller
• Save Labor cost: speed up installation
• One-click to add IPC

Convenient Installation

• Full supported by Powerful VSS
• FMS via Same H-protocol, no need additional device
• Same accessories supported

Most Suitable for

Passenger Counting Solution

PoN Ethernet port provide Power+Data

No limitation of door quantities

Most accurate Algorithm of passenger counting

No need of main unit for analyzing


Maximize Deployment Options