Howen "Blackbox" Recovered Evidence for Bus Fire Crime

Howen MDVR system successfully reconstructed the crucial video evidence for a big fire crime on public bus and helped police to solve the case.

 In the past few months in Peru, protests and violent vandalism have broken out in many places. According to the local news agency, at 10:00 am on February 9th, a bus from the Group Palomino bus company was carrying workers from the mining site back to downtown Lima when it was stopped by a group of thugs at “Quillcaccasa Village in Apurimac”. The thugs demanded that the driver and passengers disembarked and then set fire to the bus. The bus was completely destroyed, but luckily no injuries were reported.

After the incident, the police arrived on site immediately to conduct the investigation, the police officer inspected the skeleton of the bus and retrieved the HowenMDVR system and the built-in storage fireproof box on the burned bus. With the support of Howen engineer, police recovered the video of the thugs threatening the driver, and based on the video, they captured the thugs on the next day. The bus company also clearly knew what happened at that time through the video, and worked together with the insurance company to prevent similar risks from happening again.

Howen firebox

Starting from the beginning of 2022, the bus company deployed hundreds of Howen video telematics devices on its buses, basically forming a relatively complete bus monitoring and dispatch system. This system, which includes MDVR (Howen MA80-08), DMS & ADAS camera, on board surveillance camera, fire box, and MDT, so far has been running for over a year with ultra reliability. 

“Thanks to the mobile DVR installed and fast support from Howen, we successfully got the video evidence, despite the burning. The scene before firing was clearly reproduced. Otherwise it will be impossible to find out so quickly and firmly.
We and the insurance company can determine who is responsible for the damage cause to the bus that was burned during protest and vandalism in Peru
Said the Senior Operation Manager, from Palomino company.

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