Howen Enhances Surveillance for Leading Fuel Company  in Southeast Asia

Howen MDVRs have been extensively procured by a leading aviation fuel company in Southeast Asia for their fueler trucks, which play a crucial role in supplying fuel to domestic and international airports. Safety and efficiency are top priorities for this company.

With Howen’s expertise in video telematics and advanced technical skills, they provide an exceptional vehicle monitoring solution. Their MDVRs enable real-time monitoring of driver behavior and the surrounding road conditions outside the vehicle. This comprehensive monitoring system, integrated with the Howen VSS Software, enhances driver safety and effectively addresses blind spots during driving.

By taking a proactive approach, the company significantly reduces the risk of damage to aircraft and aprons, resulting in notable cost savings on maintenance for both the fueler trucks and airports. Howen’s solution not only ensures secure operations but also optimizes overall efficiency, contributing to the seamless supply of aviation fuel to airports worldwide.

The extensive deployment of Howen MDVRs and the comprehensive monitoring system not only highlights the company’s commitment to safety but also showcases their dedication to maximizing operational efficiency and reducing overall costs.

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