MDVR de Howen mejora el negocio de petróleo y gas en África

One of the country’s largest oil field service companies in Zambia has installed Howen 4CH HDD Mobile DVR for video surveillance. The company searched for an effective solution that would help deal with the problem of fuel fraud committed by frequent thefts in Zambia. Let’s see what Howen has provided for this typical project. 

Basically, the client installed 4CH HDD 1080P MDVR Hero-ME32-04 for each truck. This device will send videos and real-time locations to a dedicated server. The fleet operator will have a clear live -view of what’s happening around the truck as well as getting timely alerts from Howen Vide monitoring Software VSS.

The Bestselling V42 Dual Lens Camera is in- stalled on the windshield to give an amazing front view on the road, showing the in-cab view at the same time. Hence we can know exactly what the driver is doing. What’s more important is the client installed a ruggedized side camera to monitor the fuel valves closely.

Moreover, the client’s geofences were imported to VSS so that employees in charge could receive notifications in case of any zone violations, e.g. if a vehicle enters prohibited areas like downtown centers.

The transportation company’s managers and other employees can see the status of the vehicles at any time, and react to any issues immediately to minimize their impact on the business. As a satisfactory result, the customer has witnessed a tremendous reduction in fuel consumption since the implementation of the solution. Besides, after Howen’s VSS System has been installed for a month, the number of fuel thefts decreased significantly.

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