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Mobile DVR

What is the requirement for VSS platform?

Should prepare: 1. Server PC  2. Static public IP address

How to upgrade the firmware locally?

Update MDVR with a USB flash drive(without file or software)

1.Copy the update firmware in the root of USB flash drive.

2.Plug the USB flash drive on MDVR.

3.MDVR will detect the firmware on USB flash drive automatically.

4.MDVR will update automatically and restart automatically.

5.If there is no image after upgrade ,please check MENURECORDGenreal, change TV system to NTSC.The default setting is PAL .

Warning: The power for MDVR cannot be cut off during the upgrading. If the power is cut off, the system will be damaged and MDVR can not reboot again.

How many types of peripheral devices that MDVR supports?

I/O input: Panic button/switch, iButton
I/O output: Buzzer, relay
RS232: RFID, People counter, Fatigue driving, Fuel sensor,  etc.
RS485: PTZ camera
Other:Two-way audio

The device cannot be shut down while ignition is in OFF status.

Check if the ACC signal wiring is correct and if there is the voltage from ACC wire after the key is turned off.
Check the ACC delay off time of parameter setting, the MDVR supports ignition off still working for 1-1440min, check this time setting.
If you have set timed recording, and the device is still in task recording, it will not shut down.

FOV of camera?

For 1/3’’ CMOS chip-set, f=2.1mm, 140 degree. F=2.8mm, 120 degree. f=3.6mm, 90 degree. F=4mm, 75 degree.

How to integrate with other systems via our device?

We provide two ways to integrate with our MDVR: one is SDK, another one is H-protocol.

The difference between 2.4G WIFI and 5G WIFI.

Our devices support 2.4G and 5G WIFI for selection.
For 2.4G, the speed is low, coverage area is far.
For 5G, the speed is fast, but coverage area is very close.

There is no silkscreen beside the SIM card slot. Which direction to insert the card?

SIM card direction: Face the front panel of  device, let the SIM card chip-side down, then insert it with the missing angle on the left.

Does the device support motion detection alarming?

Yes, it supports motion detection. You can turn-on this function in the setting: MenuALARMVD DetectMOVE, then select one or two channels, we do not advise you turn-on all channels, for this need to occupy more RAM/CPU resource.

What is the SD card specification requirement?

A. Must be industrial level, the material is MLC ( Consumer level’s SD card is cheap and made of TLC material)
B. Class: at least class10 or higher
C. Operation temperature: -25~85℃
D. Forbid using TF card & adapter solution. Some of adapters’ speed is very slow and unstable.

Why MDVR cannot detect the hard disk or SD card?

This problem usually is caused by the wrong hard disk/SD card installation or the defective hard disk/SD card .Firstly, please make sure you install the hard disk/SD card correctly. Check whether the connection cable can work well.Secondly, please change another hard disk/SD card to try again.Thirdly, for the hard disk recording MDVR, please change another hard disk case.

Why the MDVR system shows that the hard disk/SD card is not formatted?

Condition 1: The SD card or hard disk is new. You have to format them in MDVR directly.
Condition 2: The hard disk or SD card is damaged. Please change the new ones to try again.

Mobile Data Terminal

MDT can’t power on.

Check cable connection as follow, MDT 12V connect with battery+, ACC cable connect ACC, GND connect GND.

MDT need to work for some time after ignition is off.

Find in AccSetting menu. Set the ACC delay time, ACC function and enable this function, then click save.

RS232 function not work

This RS232 definition like follow:

Pin No. Definition
1 RS232-RX
2 RS232-TX
3 For reserve

Short connect TX and RX. Then use test tool send data itself, check whether receive successfully.


Which brands of the hard disk MDVR supports?

The brand Hitachi, Samsung and Seagate are recommended, the maximum capacity is 2TB. Our MDVR can support SATA hard disk and SSD(Solid State Drive).

How to calculate the camera pixel.

Generally, In the label of camera, 1MR means 720P, 2MR is 1080P
720P:1280*720921600pixels .1080P: 1920*1080=2073600
Besides, CIF:352*288, HD1:352*576, D1:704*576

If any question, we’d love to hear from you.

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