Howen AI Thermal Detector Deployed in Jordan’s Government

Jordan TV today made a highlighted announcement about Howen’s AI face recognition access control for COVID-19 prevention.

Along with the COVID-19 spreading over the world, now there are over 900 cases confirmed in the country. (Data is from the Jordan news report). In this case, the government in Jordan takes the safety and security of its elected representatives and personnel extremely seriously.

To help them control the epidemic and restart the work safely, Howen implemented the face recognition access control devices with the efficient management system.

The Howen face recognition access control system now secures all aspects of the Jordanian Maritime Safety Administration and has proved a resounding success. Howen face recognition control system can detect the temperature of visitors and employees and ensure that they can enter the building safely.

Howen AI face recognition access control will significantly boost global efforts to minimize future infections and curb the risk of further outbreaks as countries around the world continue to fight COVID-19.

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