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A new and user-friendly mobile APP that simplifies the setup process and enables remote monitoring of all Howen devices. Whether it’s MDVRs, vehicle cameras, dashcams, MDTs, bodycams, or other devices, the app allows users to easily configure and access them remotely. 

With this new design app, managing and monitoring Howen devices becomes more convenient and efficient.

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Why should you choose iTool


User-friendly interface, easy to operate.


No flashback, and support multi-terminal access.


Full support various settings of Howen devices.

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Easiest configuration tool for MDVR/Dashcam

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Howen’s latest iTool App, available on Apple App Store (iOS) and Google Play Store (Android), is the most convenient tool for implementing and configuring Howen MDVRs and dashcams on board vehicles.  Its user-friendly interface allows for convenient device customization, including video resolution, recording duration, and storage preferences. The app streamlines the configuration process, ensuring a quick and hassle-free experience. Additionally, comprehensive documentation and support resources are available to assist users in addressing any setup-related issues. Overall, the Howen iTool app simplifies device configuration and provides a user-friendly tool for customization.

About our app

More productivity with less effort

Howen iTool app is specifically designed to seamlessly connect with Howen series MDVRs, MNVRs, Dashcams, and Bodycams via wireless connection. Its primary purpose is to simplify the configuration process and provide live viewing capabilities for Howen devices on your mobile phone.

To begin, ensure that all your Howen devices are connected to the same network as your phone. Next, add them to the iTool app, which will enable you to conveniently set up and manage your Howen devices directly from your phone. 

With the iTool app, you can easily configure settings and efficiently monitor your Howen devices, enhancing your overall user experience.

Save Cost

No need monitor and remote controller.

Save labor cost

Speed up installation.


More convenience, more efficiency.

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AI Settings

Parameter Comfiguration

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APP Settings

Setup your iTool APP

Howen iTool provides a Guideline to help users understand how to set up their own devices on the APP, and also provides FAQs for users to solve problems encountered during the use of the device.

APP setup menu  can be divided into three parts:




Device Settings

Manage your devices

Howen iTool app supports basic device configuration and parameter settings, making it easier for users to operate and maintain their devices. 

With the app, users can conveniently access and adjust various settings and parameters according to their specific needs. This includes configuring video resolution, recording duration, storage preferences, and other essential device settings. By providing a user-friendly interface and intuitive controls, Howen iTool simplifies the process of device configuration, ensuring that users can optimize their devices’ performance and functionality with ease.



Real-time video preview



Review and export history files


AI Settings

AI calibration(DMS/ADAS)



General settings for device

App AI Settings

ADAS & DMS Calibration

The ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) and DMS (Driver Monitoring System) calibrations on the Howen iTool app are designed to provide accurate and reliable calibration for Howen MDVRs and dashcams. While the effectiveness of the calibration process can vary depending on factors such as device model, firmware version, and environmental conditions, Howen strives to ensure that the calibration feature in the iTool app delivers satisfactory results.

Howen iTool app incorporates industry-standard calibration procedures and offers clear instructions to guide users through the calibration process. It is essential to follow the instructions carefully and make any necessary adjustments as guided by the app.

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Apps available for all devices

The Howen iTool app seamlessly works with various Howen devices, such as MDVRs, MNVRs, Dashcams, and Bodycams. It enables users to easily configure, manage, and monitor these devices through a unified interface. With features like live video access, settings adjustment, and alarm notifications, the iTool app streamlines setup and maintenance, ensuring efficient surveillance system management.