Howen Latest AI Thermal Detector

For prevention of COVID-19, Howen New Infrared Thermal Face Recognition Panel, adopts the new AI chipset, large thermal sensor array, and latest algorithm, providing the cutting-edge face recognition and body temperature detection, with ability to detect wearing the mask.

AI Thermal Detector


Fastest Detection (0.05s,the fastest in the market)

Longer Detection Range(0.3M-1.2M, no mis-detection and protect people)

Highest Accuracy (±0.2 forehead temperature 99.9% face recognition: the best solution for access control)

The following is a video of the application scenario


  • AI algorithm automatically locates the person’s forehead

  • 0.3-1.2 meters long measure range for body temperature

  • 300ms face recognition + temperature measurement

  • Wide dynamic range up to 120dB, the best anti-backlight

  • Double star-light-level sensor,high picture quality

  • Support thermal imaging over megapixel thermal imaging

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