VSS Solution for
Public Bus

Market Demand & Challenge

Public transportation is one of essential sector in every city. It has big challenges because various situations can be happened such as robbery, over loading, traffic accidents and so on. Surveillance system can deliver reliable evidence to help bus fleet save much operation costs.

On the other hand, there are significant demands in the bus vehicle service system:

Howen VSS Solution for Public Bus


Mobile DVR provides the multi-channel video surveillance for buses.

People counting

The records of the counting people can be real-time transferred via RS232 to MDVR or use 3G/4G to CMS directly. If there is MDVR, you can tag the video when someone passed for later playback retrieval and manual checks.


Advertising, push to talk, etc.


MDT (mobile data terminal) is a kind of in-vehicle rugged android industrial tablet. Bus management app can be installed, and use RS232 to integrate with RFID validator to realize ticket management;


It can detect fatigue driving, unsafe driving behaviors, ADAS monitoring. It will send voice alarms, and report to management platform at them same time. In this way, it can provide driver protection so that lower the rate of accidents happening.

What we do for your business


Safer the Journey

Real time location tracking DMS ADAS detection and speed control system safer your journey.


Enhance driver KPI management

Monitor driver behavior and train driver with KPI management.


Increase profit

High accuracy people counting with big data analysis to reduce money lost and increase profit.

Key Customers