#Smart Video Telematics

Howen VSS Platform

Howen Vehicle Service System (VSS) is a central software designed for commercial fleets, providing features including video surveillance, alarm system, GPS tracking, and other vehicle business services. VSS is the latest software for fleet management, which includes the client in PC client, web client, and App version.

Key Advantages

Howen VSS featured with power features and high performance, which form the base stone for key vehicle services——better and better user experience

User Experience

DIY and customization

Save operation time and cost
Easy and Open for integration

Powerful Features

Complete Applications

Service-Oriented Modules
AI reports and evidence

High Performance

High throughput

Advanced Video Technology
High security for the operation

Video introduction

Howen VSS Platform

Self-designed Smart and Unified Video Telematics platform

High throughput

  • Up to 10000 devices in one server
  • Up to 100 split video for one PC client
  • High concurrency capability, no limit of the users
  • Proved in many global projects
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Overall Management

Manage the fleet in an all-round way, and greatly improve the operating efficiency

Driver Management

Driver Attendance


Driver database
Driver Behavior
Easy Driver Dispatch

Vehicle Management

Vehicle health management


Vehicle control
Mileage counting

Device Management

Device health monitoring


Batch upgrade
Batch configure

Easy & Flexible Customization

Easy DIY your system GUI

LOGO/ Theme customization
Alarm audio customization
Alarm color customization

Benefits of

Integrating Howen to Your Platform

Howen hold most open strategy for integration:  All Howen products report to VSS server, so  “One-time Integrate, All Howen Devices Work”

  • Benefit from Advantages of both Telematics platform and Howen VSS hardwares
  • Providing same user experience, whilst adding video seamlessly;
  • Upgrade to AI platform easily
  • No need to train 2 group of operation teams to learn 2 softwares
  • Howen rich cost-effective devices for options

Our successful cases

Learn more about how we help our clients through Howen VSS softwares