Howen VSS Deployed for TOTAL in Africa

As a leading VSS supplier and solution provider, Howen has deployed its VSS system in 5 of the World’s Top 10 Oil & Gas companies.
Recently, Howen was awarded to another VSS project for TOTAL in Africa. TOTAL, one of the seven “Supermajor” oil companies in the world, globally in more than 130 countries, with 1,000 subsidiaries, owns numerous oil and gas transportation vehicles for downstream business.

In this project for TOTAL in Africa, the company requires suitable and reliable monitoring and fleet management solution, including reliable surveillance system with:

● Modular material with international standards
● Mobile app for tablet and smartphone
● Redundancy power supply
● Video monitoring for road and cabin
● Instant recording (SD/HDD) and transmission of video

Based on the end user’s requirements, Howen provides its latest mobile DVR system, together with the solution designed for TOTAL Oil trucks.
Howen solutions will greatly improve the safety of goods, vehicles, and drivers, and improve the driver’s driving behavior. Utilizing Howen’s VSS system, customer will be able to get the evidence for any incidents, thus saving the potential property loss, and reducing the cost for maintenance and insurance. Howen’s full range of MDVR supports open protocol for integration, which enables the customer to integrate into their platform and manage the vehicles in one system, improving management efficiency.
With our professional and efficient support, the client was impressed with good performance of Howen Mobile DVR solution.

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