Howen AI Dashcam Improve Car-hailing service in Ghana

A major ride-hailing company in Ghana has installed Howen’s latest AI dash cams and DMS cameras in its cars.

In recent years, the car-hailing market has become very popular in Ghana. As customers grow, drivers face challenges with busy roads, disputes with passengers, and even verbal and physical assault. And our client, as one of the mainstream car-hailing companies in Ghana, must protect their vehicles and reputations while working as efficiently as possible. That means maximizing vehicle availability, optimizing route planning, and monitoring and enforcing driver professionalism. After researching the market, they found the fastest and most suitable solution: Howen New Generation AI Dashcam.

Howen’s dual-lens AI Dashcam monitors both the road ahead and the car’s interior. The interior footage provides a continuous record of how drivers and passengers behave. The in-cab camera can be a deterrent to significantly reduce verbal and physical aggression from passengers to drivers and drivers to passengers. At the same time, the additional high-precision DMS camera (Driver Monitoring System) function promotes better driving by identifying unsafe driving habits.

The benefits of the front-facing camera are even more pronounced. With the latest ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) technology, the front camera can alert drivers in real-time to potential hazards on the road ahead with voice alerts so that corrective action can be taken promptly and upload video footage of severe incidents to the cloud for follow-up and analysis. When an accident does occur, video from the front-facing camera can quickly establish the facts, preventing fraudulent insurance claims, speeding up real cases, and potentially exonerating drivers.

In reality, the advantages extend far beyond that. Howen Dashcam V3 supports Sleep mode and works when the car is off and parked. It supports three ways to be woken up: G-sensor, I/O output, and Timer. This footage can prove helpful in the instance of a break-in, potentially helping to identify the culprit.

Overall, to this client, the simple act of buying a dash cam and simple setup and commissioning pays off handsomely, such as a reduced likelihood of vehicle damage and faster insurance claims. At the same time, fleet operation management also has enormous advantages. Fleet managers can check cameras at any time, check driver performance, help companies enforce high professional standards, provide better training, and ensure compliance with the law.