Howen AI MDVR Approved By Cameroon Ministry of Transport

Howen, as the only certified vendor for local public city bus surveillance systems, has achieved a significant milestone by being selected and approved by the Ministry of Transport in Cameroon. Following a successful pilot program in over 100 city buses, Howen’s AI MDVR has emerged as the preferred choice.

The AI MDVR solution from Howen incorporates advanced AI Video Telematics features, including Driver Face Recognition, DMS (Driver Monitoring System), and ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System). These cutting-edge technologies are poised to revolutionize local public transportation services, ensuring enhanced safety for both drivers and passengers.

 Real-time Monitoring with Howen (AI MDVR+VSS +DMS, ADAS)

The implementation of Howen’s AI MDVRs has already begun, with hundreds of buses already equipped with this advanced surveillance system. Looking ahead, the Ministry of Transport aims to extend the coverage to all buses operating under their regulations, which amounts to over ten thousand vehicles. By leveraging the power of advanced AI Video Telematics, encompassing Driver Face Recognition, DMS, and ADAS, public transportation services will witness significant improvements, fostering a safer and more efficient travel experience for everyone involved.

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