Howen AI MDVR Empowers Fleet Operation with Wialon

A leading player in the Lebanese oil industry has deployed Howen’s 8CH AI MDVR MA8008 with the Wialon platform for their tanker fleet management. Following a successful year-long Proof of Concept (POC), hundreds of sets of MA8008 equipped with DMS+ADAS cameras are now operational on Wialon. Howen’s high integration capability allows for further expansion with other industry-specific components.

The project focuses on monitoring driver fatigue and unsafe driving behavior through DMS+ADAS cameras, providing driver KPI reports based on alerts for overspeeding, harsh acceleration, braking, and sharp turns. Wialon presents the final reports and videos, showcasing the comprehensive insights gathered.

By leveraging Howen’s advanced capabilities and seamless integration with Wialon, this Oil&Gas Company aims to enhance fleet operations, improve driver safety, and optimize overall efficiency. This project exemplifies the commitment of both the Oil & Gas Company and Howen to utilize cutting-edge technology for operational excellence in the oil industry.

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