Howen AI MDVR Revolutionizes Driver Training and Performance in Mali

Howen’s AI MDVR has made a significant impact in the mining industry, particularly in Mali, where it has been deployed in over 200 mining trucks over the past two years. This deployment has introduced smarter driver training with fatigue detection functionality and improved driver KPI management through real-time video evidence.

In the mining industry, challenges such as fatigue driving, blind spot detection, and poor cellular network coverage underground have always been pain points. To address these issues, our partner in Mali introduced Howen AI MDVR to a local mining company, with a primary focus on preventing fatigue driving, especially during nighttime operations.

The deployment of Howen AI MDVR with DMS (Driver Monitoring System) cameras enables the local mining company to monitor an increasing number of drivers. The fatigue evidence captured by the AI Mobile DVRs system is stored on the Howen VSS (Vehicle Surveillance System) platform for annual KPI reference. The deployment quantity continues to grow by 100 units per year, demonstrating the effectiveness and value of the solution.

Real-time monitoring and driver fatigue evidence

Howen remains dedicated to solving problems specific to the mining industry. In the future, we plan to offer additional add-on services, such as blind spot detection functionality, to further enhance safety and efficiency for mining fleets.

By leveraging the advanced features of Howen AI MDVR, the mining industry in Mali experiences improved driver training, enhanced driver performance management, and increased safety on the roads. The integration of AI technology and video evidence not only helps mitigate the risks associated with fatigue driving but also contributes to better overall fleet management and operational efficiency in the mining sector.

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