Howen MDT AT5 Unveiled at RedGPS Summit Telematic 2022

In June 2022, RedGPS hosted its first telematics summit to share information on tracking and security solutions for the commercial vehicle industry. We are very honored that they showcased our MDT (Mobile Data Terminal) in the face-to-face meeting with their customers and partners at the exhibition.

RedGPS is considered to be one of the leading companies in Latin America working with a white label business vertical tracking and telemetry of assets platform.

Howen AT5 is a smart and rugged Android 7.1 tablet designed for dispatch management of commercial vehicles. From the hardware point of view, it adopts cutting-edge design, simple multi-function interface, built-in antenna, and reduces redundant cables of traditional MDT products. At the same time, we have integrated AHD camera input, RS232, Ethernet, CANBUS/OBD, USB, and other I/Os in one body, expanding the functions and meeting more needs and applications. Additionally, new custom key buttons provide easy access to defined actions. It is worth mentioning that the highly open and compatible features of the Howen AT5 make our rugged hardware perfectly integrated with the Redgps dispatching and management software.

All in all, this exhibition was very successful and brought many surprises to the attendees in terms of GPS positioning and security solutions for the commercial vehicle industry. We also look forward to more in-depth cooperation with Redgps on products and solutions!