Howen MDT Empowers Saudi Arabia to Promote Its Cab Management

In 2022, a large number of taxis in Saudi Arabia have deployed Howen’s powerful smart taximeter, helping Saudi Arabia taxis improve their taxi operation and management.

The previous taxi operation mode in Saudi Arabia has brought many problems to the local taxi operation and management, such as drivers using taxis privately, not using the meter when carrying passengers, etc., which reduced the service level of the taxi industry. In order to improve the operating efficiency and user experience of the local taxi industry, Saudi Arabia’s Transport General Authority has updated new rules to strictly demand taxi drivers and rectify the discipline of the local taxi industry.

According to the latest local regulations, Howen provides a full set of end-to-end solutions and has been approved by Saudi Arabia’s Transport General Authority.

This smart taximeter solution adopts Howen Mobile Data Terminal hardware, with built-in customer taxi dispatch management software, and integrates multiple functions such as pricing, positioning, communication, voice broadcast, dispatch screen, and navigation. Howen technical team customized the MDT for the project, and with an external camera connected to monitor the driver’s behavior in real-time, optimize the workflow, and greatly improve the passenger experience.

And these smart taximeters are installed on the center console of each cab, which not only saves space in the Taxi but also facilitates the driver’s operation. The versatility of the system greatly meets the various needs of Saudi Arabia Taxi companies.

Up to now, about thousands of taxis in Saudi Arabia have been installed with this device, which has standardized the daily operation process of drivers and solved the headaches for customers. Feedback shows that the user experience is excellent and the management efficiency of the taxi company has been greatly improved.

Howen MDT (Smart Taximeter)

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Howen Taxi Dispatch Software

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