Howen MDVR Safeguarded HINO&VOLVO Trucks in AU

Howen’s innovation of customized vehicle solutions with Mobile DVR and VSS has never stopped. Lately from Australia, we received heart-stirring news from our client that our tailor-made project has helped them to solve video surveillance problems for many trucks.

Several months ago, our AU client reached out to Howen for an applicable solution. They are one of the biggest truck companies in AU and have many HINO & VOLVO trucks. In daily operation, our client found a series of issues that might cause millions of dollars of loss, such as fatigued driving,  theft, traffic accidents, and so on.

Due to these facts, our client increasingly longs for a vehicle surveillance solution to actively supervise their trucks’ internal and surrounding environment. Therefore, they proposed a specific requirement of viewing their truck’s video in real time. Finally, Howen’s latest VSS solution perfectly meet their demands and cut down their operation cost. We have thousands of Mobile DVRs and Vehicle cameras installed on their trucks. All the howen devices are connected to the Howen VSS platform.  The truck fleet managers can see the status of all trucks at any time on Howen VSS, and react to any issues immediately to minimize their impact on the business. 

Howen MDVR for video management

Howen Side View Camera for road condition

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