Howen MDVR Safeguarded HINO&VOLVO Trucks in AU

Howen’s commitment to innovation and providing customized vehicle solutions with Mobile DVR and VSS continues to thrive. Recently, we received exciting news from our client in Australia, highlighting the success of our tailor-made project in solving video surveillance problems for their trucks.

Our client, one of the largest truck companies in Australia, operates a fleet of HINO and VOLVO trucks. They faced numerous challenges in their daily operations that could potentially result in significant financial losses, including issues like fatigued driving, theft, and traffic accidents.

Recognizing the need for a comprehensive vehicle surveillance solution to actively monitor their trucks’ internal and surrounding environments, our client approached Howen for assistance. They specifically required a real-time video viewing capability to enhance their fleet management. Howen’s latest VSS solution proved to be the perfect fit for their needs, effectively reducing their operational costs. We installed thousands of Mobile DVRs and Vehicle cameras on their trucks, with all Howen devices connected to the Howen VSS  platform.

Howen MDVR for video management

Howen Side View Camera for road condition

With the integration of Howen VSS, truck fleet managers now have the ability to view the status of all their trucks in real-time. This empowers them to promptly address any issues that arise, minimizing their impact on the business. The comprehensive monitoring provided by Howen’s VSS solution ensures increased security and efficiency for our client’s operations.

This successful implementation showcases the rich capabilities and expansion of Howen’s vehicle surveillance solutions. By delivering real-time video monitoring and remote fleet management, we enable our clients to proactively mitigate risks, enhance security, and optimize their operations.

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