Howen Mini Dashcam Safeguards Hong Kong Mini Buses on the Road

Recently, the Howen Mini Dashcam (Hero-MC30-01) has been successfully installed on numerous minibuses in Hong Kong, greatly enhancing the safety and convenience for both passengers and drivers.

The primary concern for bus fleet management is safety, and the Howen MC30 dashcam offers exceptional safety features. With its high-definition recording and vehicle GPS positioning capabilities, along with the high-definition in-cab camera (Hero-C60S0V23-2MR), it effectively monitors the driver’s behavior. It provides clear driving records, monitors dangerous driving behaviors, and tracks the vehicle’s location in real time.
Furthermore, the remote wake-up and privacy mode functions are essential features of the MC30 Dashcam, designed to ensure the effective protection of both vehicle 

and passenger safety and privacy. The dashcam can be remotely activated through calls and text messages, enabling fleet managers to activate it at any time and obtain real-time video and positioning information. This significantly improves emergency response efficiency, allowing timely actions to be taken in emergencies, and ensuring the safety of passengers and vehicles.

The Howen MC30 Dashcam also plays a crucial role in promoting road safety. Its high-definition video recording and playback functions assist in accident investigations and insurance claims, providing minibus operators with comprehensive safety enhancements and ensuring a secure travel experience for passengers.

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