Howen MNVR System Empowers Garbage Fleets in Israel

Garbage collection trucks play a vital role in maintaining cleanliness within cities and communities by collecting and transporting waste from various sources, including residential, commercial, and public areas, to disposal facilities or landfills. This crucial process helps prevent the accumulation of waste, thereby mitigating health and environmental concerns.

Nevertheless, garbage collection trucks encounter certain challenges. They sometimes face false accusations of causing vehicle or property damage, as well as complaints of missed garbage pickups. To address these issues, garbage collection fleets in Israel have taken proactive measures by equipping their trucks with camera systems. These cameras meticulously record every collection operation, serving as valuable evidence in resolving disputes or addressing complaints.

Howen solution

The fleet trucks have deployed Howen’s all-in-one MNVR system, equipped with IP cameras strategically installed on the front, right, and rear sides of the trucks. These cameras ensure high-definition coverage of all operational areas, automatically recording video from the moment the engine starts.

Howen has also provided an API for seamless integration with third-party FMS platforms, actively supporting their R&D efforts to expedite the integration process. As a result, drivers can now view live previews on their monitors, while the FMS can remotely track waste trucks through video monitoring. Additionally, the garbage collection video clips are uploaded and stored on the FMS platform.

In the event of any disputes, historical video evidence can be easily searched and downloaded from the device or the cloud server, enabling swift resolution. This comprehensive system visualizes all operations, enhancing transparency and accountability within the garbage collection process.

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