Howen AI Dashcam Stuns at Brazil ISC 2022

We are proud that our AI dashcam was exhibited at ISC Brasil 2022 this month. ISC Brasil in São Paulo is an international trade show and safety conference. Visitors have the opportunity to gain a detailed and in-depth understanding of various topics in the field. The ISC Brasil is held annually.

Howen Latin American partners introduced our latest AI Dashcam to visitors, which attracted great attention.

Howen dashcam V3, combined with feature-rich fleet management software (Howen VSS), allows companies to quickly gather safety data such as hard cornering, braking, acceleration, and collisions. At the same time, a real-time intercom can be carried out between Dashcam V3 and the platform to help drivers correct their behavior in time, and drivers can receive dispatch commands as quickly as possible. Howen’s new AI-powered Smart Dashcam plays a crucial role in commercial fleet management and dispatch.