Howen Solutions for Safety Empowerment in Tanzania

Howen brings AI telematics solutions and local training on a mining site in Tanzania

Safety is our priority

One of Howen’s partners recently won a remarkable tender for an important mining company in Tanzania.

The mining fleet, comprising over 500 heavy machines and trucks, has been equipped with advanced safety solutions from Howen, including an 8-channel AI MDVR MA80-08, DMS Cameras, ADAS Cameras, BSD Cameras, Rear Cameras, and driver monitors. 

Recognizing the inherent dangers of the mining sector, Howen’s AI solutions provide the fleet operator with a real-time view of surroundings and timely alerts through VSS Software. This enables swift issue resolution, particularly during transportation, minimizing risks and enhancing overall safety.

Howen Local Support Streamlines Implementation

Beyond offering remote assistance, Howen distinguishes itself by providing robust local support and training initiatives. In alignment with this commitment, Howen dispatched a team to Tanzania for this specific project. This on-site presence not only ensured the seamless integration of Howen’s solutions but also delivered hands-on support and training locally, further solidifying Howen’s dedication to empowering teams on the ground.

In essence, Howen’s multifaceted approach to safety in the mining sector encompasses not only the deployment of cutting-edge technology but also the provision of comprehensive support tailored to local teams. 

As Howen continues to forge partnerships worldwide, its unwavering commitment to safety and on-the-ground support remains at the forefront, ensuring that its partners operate with the highest standards of security efficiency in their respective countries.

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