Phone App

Product Model: N/A

Product Description:

  • Support Android and iOS;
  • Live video streaming and tracking;
  • Configurations support;
  • Reports and notifications support;

Easy to Check and Track

All the data including videos of CMS can be review by APP in both Andorid and iOS. On the other hand, the system can gather the data from the system so that mangers can review anytime.

Account Level Management

In the platform, administrator can manage the accounts and authorized different roles so that users can only view their own fleet or specific for operation purposes.

Design for Fleet Management and Dispatching Operations

As Howen APP gathers different data from the server, managers can review the playback to work on the KPI analysis. It can helps companies work with higher efficency level.

Technical Parameters

Key Features

  1. Login
  2. Tracking
  3. Video Preview
  4. Track Playback
  5. Video Replay
  6. System Settigns;
  7. Alarm Notifications


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