Avoid Over Load – Howen Passenger Counter

This month, Howen Passenger Counter was officially released and available for pre-order now. It was design specifically for public transportation since nowadays over-loading become one of the most significant issues in transport operations. As Howen is one of the pioneers introducing AI technologies into video telematics, Howen people counter built-in AI algorithm is able to solve the headache of public bus operation.


Nowadays, AI technologies are one of the most popular word in telematics. However, most people still do not know how Passenger Counter System can benefit from video telematics and what can it do in our life.

Howen people counters, is totally designed for the transportation buses since over-load cases is a serious problem in some countries like Latin America or Middle-east countries. With special designed cameras sensors and image processor boxes, Howen people counters can catch the images and count the number of people into the system when people get on or off the bus. This function is all done by an efficient algorithm by defining the heads of people so that the sensor. In this way, by connecting to Howen mobile DVR, the data will transfer to the MDVR and display in the VSS CMS or other third-party FMS (fleet management software). By using this function, bus companies can check the ticket fee by confirming the number of passengers.

Last but not least, this function is also useful in the school bus Vehicle Service System, by checking the number of students on the school bus, administrators can know how many children get to school or still on the bus. It is also important that it can remind the managers if there is some student left in the school bus in some cases.


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