New Cost-efficient Howen Mobile DVR Release

In this April, the most affordable Howen Mobile DVR, Hero-ME40-04, will be available for order, which provide another option for customers. Further, it is the most cost-competitive model among Howen MDVRs.

Although Hero-ME40-04 is the economic model in ME series, it provides decent stabilities and reliabilities with stylish and compact design. The unit price of Hero-ME40-04 can save nearly 30% comparing to other models of Howen Mobile DVR!

This model is specially design for the customers who only require video and location recording function (need to choose built-in GPS module as optional). Further, this model can support alarm input/output, RS232 and RS485 (optional) for connection different detectors or sensors for commercial vehicle usages. This model has not wireless transmission modules inside, so it can save a great amount of costs on hardware and software operations since customers do not need the monitors, build up their servers or recruit staff for control centers. It is suitable the customers who requires surveillance functions mainly for their fleets.

Last but not least, this economic model does not mean to be “cheap” by sacrificing the quality. Howen will stick on the policy that providing the best reliabilities and quality for every customer. For example, super-capacitor will be used inside this model, which is totally same as other models of HOWEN MDVR. It can protect the circuits inside mobile DVRs even there is electricity short. Hero-ME40-04 can support up to 4 channel HD video inputs and up to 512GB data for storage, which nearly can save around one-month videos and locations of vehicles.