AI in Vehicle Service System

Artificial Intelligence, is also called AI. It has been widely used in application of simulation, advanced and extension for methodologies, techniques, and theories. AI is one of the branches in computer science. General speaking, AI need supporting from three main aspects, hardware (chipset, server, Internet), algorithm and libraries of data. Every aspect of these is really important to the performance and they work relying on each other. When comes to Internet of Vehicle (IoV), it was working with GPS, RFID, sensors and cameras so that all the vehicles information can be collected to the “cloud”. Moreover, AI runs as “brain” of vehicles so that they can handle all the data and come out with “responses”, like ADAS, auto-driving and other driver behavior analysis.

Driving Status Monitoring System (DSM)

HOWEN DSM, is designed especially for analyzing the driving behaviors like fatigue, smoking, distraction. Further, it can work with HOWEN ME series mobile DVR™ as a complete solution for various commercial vehicle industries, such as logistics, transportation, taxi, school bus etc.

By using this system, manager is able to check the status of drivers in the fleet and it can draw out different reports for analysis. Further, videos of these situations can be recorded by Howen mobile DVRs and uploaded to both servers and platforms.

Last but not least, as Howen VSS has been successfully integrated into different FMS (fleet management software), which provide customers more options for choosing the best software close to their applications and requirements.

System Key Features
· Compact Design;

· Working from –20 to 70℃;

· Suitable for different environments;

· 95% Accuracy of Driving Behavior Detection;

· Prevent 90% accidents happened by bad driving behaviors;