ToF Based

Passenger Counter


Market Demand of Bus Operation

Given the frequent use of public transport by people, the challenges that commonly arise can be frustrating for both commuters and transport companies.


Driver fraud of bus ticket

Bus ticket driver fraud involves dishonest practices by bus drivers, like pocketing cash fares without issuing tickets, manipulating ticket machines, or distributing counterfeit tickets. It leads to financial losses, compromised revenue, reduced passenger trust, and undermines the integrity of the ticketing system.


Bus overload refers to a situation where a bus carries more passengers or cargo than its allowable capacity. This can occur due to various reasons, such as overcrowding, failure to enforce passenger limits, or inadequate monitoring systems.

Bus router schedule

Bus route scheduling is necessary for efficient bus operations, ensuring timely service, resource optimization, improved planning, enhanced passenger experience, and data-driven decision-making for transport companies.
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About Passenger counter

Improve bus operation efficiency
with the latest ToF technology

Howen ToF People Counting Camera utilizes advanced Time of Flight (ToF) technology to deliver an exceptional passenger counting solution. With the highest level of accuracy, it operates effectively in complex ambient light environments, specifically designed for bus door scenarios.

What We Have?

Features & Benefits

Howen’s ToF People Counter provides numerous advantages. It guarantees the utmost accuracy in passenger counting, even in challenging ambient light conditions encountered at bus doors. With its exceptional performance, this system delivers precise and reliable results, offering an efficient and accurate solution to meet various passenger counting requirements.

Advanced Technology

Two way people counting
The latest 3D ToF Technology

Wide Recognition Range

0.5-3m height; 3m width
Settable in GUI

Less Affected by Strong Light

Light suppression can reach 130Klux
For low light / outdoor environments

Fast Recognition Speed

Recognition time is within 25ms

Highest Accuracy

Passenger counting flow accuracy is >99%

Versatile User Interface

Ethernet and RS485 ports are available

Benefits for

Bus Fleet Operation with HW-PCC050

● Avoid driver fraud for tickets, saving losses for bus operators.

● Reduce passenger overloading.

● Provide useful info for bus fleet dispatch and route scheduling.

● Minimize traffic congestion caused by buses during rush hour.

● Improve operational efficiency and enhance the city's image.

●  Enhance safety and security for buses and passengers.

Suitable for multiple buses

HW-PCC050 is an onboard system installed on buses that automatically monitor passenger flow.