4G HD Body-Worn Camera

Product Model: Hero-BC01-A464

Product Description:

  • Built-in Ambarella A12 chip for stable operation. With high definition, low illumination industrial grade 1/3 CMOS photosensitive element, the image effect is outstanding, the color is gorgeous and true;
  • Using the embedded real-time operating system and Linux dual system, faster boot, more stable system operation, more powerful functions, can effectively prevent viruses and other intrusion systems;
  • Industrial IP66 waterproof level can effectively prevent rain and dust;
  • Industrial plastic and bare metal structure design can withstand 2 meters falling without damaging data
  • Full-HD 1080P 30fps H.264 video, using Ambarella Smart ultra-low bitstream to reduce storage usage;
  • 16 million pixels and JEPG format for good quality image
  • HD 2-inch screen, the diagonal is larger than 52mm, can choose to turn off the screen;
  • Built-in 4G module for wireless transmission, can be connected to the platform for centralized monitoring;
  • Built-in WIFI module supports WIFI wireless transmission (optional).
  • Built-in GPS or BEIDOU (optional) positioning module, support real-time tracking and track playback;
  • Support two-way voice calls, support PTT intercom;
  • Fast power on, power up to full function video <3 seconds;
  • Emergency alarm function, support long press alarm button, send alarm information to the platform;
  • 170-degree wide-angle lens;
  • Double microphone design, high sensitivity, high signal-to-noise ratio recording function;
  • “laser positioning” design, to ensure that the video picture is not offset, the evidence is clear and effective law enforcement;
  • Bottom multifunctional interface (external charging pedestal and camera,), Mini USB interface for charging and transmitting data;
  • One button operation, video/recording/photo, and so on, support one clicks operation, and can quickly view the video data;
  • With full automatic or manual infrared night vision function, built-in two high-power infrared light source, after opening the night vision function, you can see the distance from the prototype 8m characters facial features, and can see the body contour from the prototype 15m;
  • A key video function, in shutdown state, for law enforcement emergencies, press record button into the video state, to ensure that no omission of any law enforcement data;
  • The large capacity battery supports continuous video recording for 8 hours (4G working time is 4.5 hours);
  • Low power consumption, video recording power <1.5W;
  • Support Bluetooth headset, wear more flexible and comfortable (optional support);
  • External camera: can be connected to digital 1080P high-definition lens (optional support);
  • The device is equipped with a special charging dock, which can be used to charge and transmit data;
  • Support mobile phone through WIFI direct connection, through APP video preview, parameter configuration, video search playback, etc., to facilitate user use and maintenance;

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Hero-BC01: 4G HD Body-Worn Camera


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