What Made Howen V42 a Hot-selling Dashcam


Howen V42 dual-lens dashcam has always been the bestselling dashcam since its release one year ago, and its unparalleled features make it stand out from other competitors’ products. You might wonder what makes it such an unbeatable choice for the commercial vehicle, so here is the answer for you.

Since day one we developed the V42, we made up our mind to infuse the product with functions to resolve issues that we encountered in our decades’ experiences of fleet management solutions. After hundreds rounds of testing, the V42 eventually was released and deployed in projects worldwide. Its debut stole lightlime from similar products in the market and received countless praise from our clients. Here is why our V42 dash camera wins the competition in the market.

Multiple options to meet different needs

The image resolution on V42 is optional. You can choose either 1M pixels or 2M pixels according to the realistic needs and budget amount. A higher image resolution is not always the better, as we found that some clients actually didn’t need that extra 1M resolution. Therefore, we provide two options, one saves a large amount of money for those who are on the budget, and another provides a decent clearer view for those who have a pursuit for recording quality.

Besides image resolution, our client can also select whether they would like one or two lenses for their dashcam. Howen provides V24 dashcams that only equipped with one front(V42F-2M) or rear lens(V42R-2M). These derivative modules present a more cost-effective selection to satisfy projects with low budgets while providing the same decent image quality.

Profoundly debugged with our MDVR and VSS

One single soldier can not win the war, and it is similar to a product. Our V42 dashcam was adjusted by the Howen product and R&D team to best match with our MDVR and VSS system. Previously in the U.K., our solution integrated with V42 dashcam and MDVR successfully streamlined the surveillance management of a fleet company. Our British client selected Howen solution rather than other vendors because our dedicated customized solution passed the testing from their existing products and platform.

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Concrete Trucks Protected By VSS

In the past, vehicle service system is considered as an important role in commercial vehicles like school buses, logistics, and taxis. Nowadays, mobile DVR systems become more and more popular in industrial vehicle business. As the accident rate of concrete trucks keep increasing year by year and the loss from these are enormous. Therefore, the safety of driving concrete trucks is one of the important issues which not only matters to the operators but also to the society as well.

This year, a great number of concrete trucks in Morocco chose Howen mobile DVRs system as the main surveillance solution since it can provide perfect stabilities and reliable total solution. In this project, Howen smart mini cameras (V34) and rear view cameras(V26)have been installed in the system. In this way, drivers are able to check the back side when they reversing. And, as Howen MDVRs have support alarm Input/output so that it can connect to reverse signal cable in order to check the rear viewing when they are reversing. Further, the smart mini cameras in the cabin helps the drivers feel more comfortable even when they are being monitoring as it can be set at the corner.

Last but not least, all of Howen MDVRs have passed vibration tests based American Military Standard MIL-810G and high temperature tests. Therefore, HOWEN mobile DVRs are able to record HD videos for evidence. By using Howen Vehicle Service System, the owners of the concrete truck companies are pleased with Howen cost-effective solutions, which can save more than 30% cost in the daily operations, according to the feedback of the users

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