Howen Enhanced Mining Trucks Management in Peru


Recently, 1000+ Howen AI MDVRs and MDTs have been deployed for Mining trucks in Peru. For a long time, in the daily operations of various mines worldwide, the transport dump trucks used in mines have been bulky and didifficult to supervise, which has become one of the biggest problems that

plague mine operators. But Howen products show excellent stabilities and quality in heavy daily usage when facing emergency cases in this project, which is designed to help mines operators improve the efciency of vehicle dispatch, enhance vehicle safety, and improve the availability of various types of machinery and equipment.

Howen Solution

Howen’s onboard surveillance system combines mining cart speed, location data, and sensor data processing and transmits it to the server backend through network communication. And it will also promptly report the mining truck driver’s speeding and fatigued driving and other violations. The Statistical Report of the Mining Vehicle Monitoring System is an excellent functional module for vehicle configuration and scheduling according to open-pit mines’ unique needs and capabilities.

Ø AI MDVR with DMS, ADAS: Fatigue detection, with Face recognition for driver identification

Ø MDT with dispatch APP, integrated with a speed control system to reduce the accident rate

Ø Integrated with third-party FMS via VSS API

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