Walmart Chile Boosts Fleet Security with Howen

Walmart fleet ships millions of products every day, and is one of the largest distribution businesses in the world. In order to ensure that all aspects of the supply chain function properly, thousands of tractors, trailers and drivers are required to complete the task. In this case, they face many road safety-related problems every year, and vehicle telematics is the most effective way for their fleet operation and management. However, they will have to consider the cost of thousands of tractors and trailers.

Howen is leading the commercial vehicle Service System industry by focusing on combining cost-effective solutions with latest innovative technology. Moreover, Howen always put quality first, no matter products or services.

This is why Walmart Chile chose Howen. Howen provides economical and reliable solutions: hundreds of Howen MDVRs and vehicle cameras in their tractors and trailers in the first stage. And Howen MDVRs also have good compatibility with third-party peripheral products, which makes each trailer of Walmart Chile fleet equipped with the mostcomplete equipment.

Wialon platform is used to manage all these MDVRs and cameras benefiting from the complete integration with Howen. The whole solution is to ensure that Walmart Chile has minimal concerns about their operations.

Wal-Mart Chile is very satisfied with the results of its initial installation, and is now considering expanding this implementation to more tractors and trailers.

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