Howen Release the Latest MDT: AT5 V2 for Vehicle Dispatch

Howen released its latest MDT model MDT-AT5 V2. AT5 V2 is an intelligent and rugged Android 7.1 tablet specialized for commercial taxi dispatch management. From the outside, it adopts a cutting-edge design that is much more compact and elegant than the previous MDT model. Although we redesign the product, we are not compromised with the protection that the MDT-AT5 V2 is sealed by the protection of the IP54 enclosure.


The MDT constructed with a clean and multi-functional interface, which include a built-in antenna that reduces redundant cable from the traditional MDT products.a specialized RFID module which can read all types of card with high accuracy and speed. Additionally, the new custom key buttons make access to defined actions at ease.


From the inside, AT5 V2 is Howen’s most powerful MDT ever that equipped with a quad-core Cortex-A17 that empowers you with unmatched processing capability to manage to dispatch tasks smoothly and effectively. In the aspect of the system, AT6 is built based on Android 7.1 OS, making it 80% faster than the former version. Plus more friendly and smoother operation experience.
What’s worth mentioning is that on AT5 V2 we upgrade the Pulse algorithm, which makes the mileage calculation accuracy reach 99.9%, the best in the industry. The MDT applied in the taxi dispatch can replace the traditional mileage data collected from GPS and achieve a more accurate calculation despite the GPS or network signal.
Additionally, we integrate 2ch AHD camera inputs, RS232, Ethernet, CANBUS/OBD, USB, and other I/Os in one body, extend the capabilities and satisfy more needs and applications.


Check out more detailing configuration and datasheet here.

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U.S. Schools Selected Howen AI Thermal Detector for COVID-19

The U.S. is still in a sticky wicket

The U.S. is still in a sticky wicket

Ohio Schools selected Howen AI detector

The United States is experiencing an unprecedented challenge from Covid-19. Previously, a hospital in the U.S. adopted Howen AI thermal detector solution to monitor visitors amongst. The solution eased staff workload and efficiently safeguard the hospital. Lately, WFMK News (an affiliated TV station of NBC) reported that the Poland Schools in Ohio have purchased AI thermal detectors to better prevent infection among the school.

These AI thermal detectors developed and manufactured by Howen, were installed at the entrances of the Poland Schools building. Equipped with the powerful AI chipset, the Artificial Intelligent detectors can scan 2,400 individuals in an hour, which allows Poland Schools to efficiently maintained daily regular operation. Thanks to the advanced algorithms embedded in the detectors, students don’t have to stop to check the temperature, “They just walk right up to it, you will see it (the temperature) on the video”, said David Janofa, Superintendent of Poland School. 

Versatile and customizable to meet different needs

The AI detector can also recognize whether passerby is wearing a mask, owing to Howen ISP technology. Other than temperature checking, Howen provides customization service to adjust its functions to meet customers’ needs. Schools, government agencies, and commercial organizations can take advantage of its superior facial recognition function for visitor entry into buildings. Moreover, this mobile detector is expected to be implemented in indoor and outdoor sporting events in the future.

Key features of Howen AI thermal detector

Key features of Howen AI thermal detector

Practices-proven solutions

Howen AI thermal detector has been applied worldwide as a forceful instrument to precisely measure body temperature. Companies from many countries have successfully control the situation with the partnership of Howen. We are hoping more and more organizations could adopt productive solutions to contain the pandemic and secure their employees back to work soon.


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Решение Howen MDVR помогает Дубаю построить интеллектуальное такси


Дубай является глобальным городом и деловым центром Ближнего Востока. Это также крупный глобальный транспортный узел для пассажиров и грузов. В этом случае безопасность была очень важна для всех пассажиров и водителей.



Учитывая проблему безопасности и цель Dubai Smart City, правительство Дубая выпустило постановление об установке системы видеонаблюдения для кабины All Dubai, которая обеспечивает соответствие водителей такси правилам и принципам профессионального и морального поведения. Это даже побуждает их соблюдать оптимальное отношение к пользователям службы такси.

Howen предоставляет высоконадежное аппаратное и программное обеспечение, которое поддерживает 13K MDVR, управляемых в одной системе. Обладая хостингом на облачном сервере и локальным сервером автоматической загрузки WIFI, это поможет компании такси сохранить все данные о событиях в качестве доказательства и повысить эффективность управления такси.

Работая вместе с нашим ведущим партнером по программному обеспечению AI, мы разрабатываем настройки на основе нашего MDVR, чтобы сделать систему более интеллектуальной, основанной на больших данных и уникальном алгоритме AI, наша независимая система видеонаблюдения MDVR будет не только осуществлять мониторинг, но и выполнять больше функций. как обнаружение усталости от вождения, подсчет людей, потерянных и найденных и т. д.

Путь в интеллектуальный мир долгий, система автомобиля будет более разумной на основе быстрого развития технологии ИИ.


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