Howen AI VSS Ensure Gas Shipment in Ecuador

Howen AI MDVR and cameras were recently implemented by one of the most famous natural gas companies in Ecuador on their trucks. 

Natural gas transportation has always been highly risky. Drivers who are fatigued or distracted while driving are likely to cause great loss and safety impact.

After the company’s technicians have installed and repeatedly tested Howen intelligent vehicle surveillance products, they equipped hundreds of their trucks in the first phase, with Howen’s latest AI MDVR and cameras:

● AI MDVRs and Explosion Proof Cameras play an irreplaceable role in natural gas transportation solutions because they ensure that no evidence or footage is lost during natural gas transportation;

● DMS camera can identify and remind the tanker driver of abnormal driving behaviors in real-time, such as making phone calls, smoking, fatigue driving, etc, which effectively strengthens the dynamic supervision of transport vehicles and drivers;

VSS platform can grasp the real-time position of these trucks at any time at the remote end, receive the abnormal alarm of the driver’s abnormal driving, and correct the driver’s behavior in time to eliminate the safety accident in the bud.

After a period of use, the company’s natural gas truck transportation management has become more orderly, and they plan to install Howen’s equipment on more trucks.

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Howen MDT Improves Efficiency of Pulic Bus in Africa

Howen partners with local System Integrator to launch E-ticket bus system in Africa. The system is a combination of Howen’s hardware and a local partner’s software.

With the development of the urban public transport system, buses have become one of the primary means of transportation for citizens. However, how to manage the bus fares efficiently has become a headache in Kenitra city, Morocco. 

To tackle this issue, our partner identified opportunities to work with Howen and eventually provide an innovative technology for bus companies with the ideal solution to help them equip with an effective way to manage the bus fares and offer local services based on accurate data for efficient bus transportation.

Howen Solution

Howen, the leading VSS manufacturer, is honored to provide the best mobile data terminal system to empower the local Bus Ticketing Solution. The Howen team customized the MDT for the project and got it highly integrated with the local partner’s self-developed APP.
They are perfectly integrated into one complete system, including geolocation systems, surveillance cameras, and internet services.

Howen MDT also has rich interfaces which support various types of accessories. In this project, the MDT is connecting with a Bluetooth printer and NFC reader, and the passenger needs to swipe the NFC card to get in, and then he will get a receipt. Meanwhile, all data can be collected on the backend server.

Up to now, Howen works with the local partner and has deployed this E-ticket bus system in many countries in Africa and helped them resolve the long-standing public transport inefficiency.

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Howen MDVR Improves Oil & Gas Business in Africa

One of the country’s largest oil field service companies in Zambia has installed Howen 4CH HDD Mobile DVR for video surveillance. The company searched for an effective solution that would help deal with the problem of fuel fraud committed by frequent thefts in Zambia. Let’s see what Howen has provided for this typical project. 

Basically, the client installed 4CH HDD 1080P MDVR Hero-ME32-04 for each truck. This device will send videos and real-time locations to a dedicated server. The fleet operator will have a clear live -view of what’s happening around the truck as well as getting timely alerts from Howen Vide monitoring Software VSS.

The Bestselling V42 Dual Lens Camera is in- stalled on the windshield to give an amazing front view on the road, showing the in-cab view at the same time. Hence we can know exactly what the driver is doing. What’s more important is the client installed a ruggedized side camera to monitor the fuel valves closely.

Moreover, the client’s geofences were imported to VSS so that employees in charge could receive notifications in case of any zone violations, e.g. if a vehicle enters prohibited areas like downtown centers.

The transportation company’s managers and other employees can see the status of the vehicles at any time, and react to any issues immediately to minimize their impact on the business. As a satisfactory result, the customer has witnessed a tremendous reduction in fuel consumption since the implementation of the solution. Besides, after Howen’s VSS System has been installed for a month, the number of fuel thefts decreased significantly.

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Howen Enhanced Mining Trucks Management in Peru


Recently, 1000+ Howen AI MDVRs and MDTs have been deployed for Mining trucks in Peru. For a long time, in the daily operations of various mines worldwide, the transport dump trucks used in mines have been bulky and didifficult to supervise, which has become one of the biggest problems that

plague mine operators. But Howen products show excellent stabilities and quality in heavy daily usage when facing emergency cases in this project, which is designed to help mines operators improve the efciency of vehicle dispatch, enhance vehicle safety, and improve the availability of various types of machinery and equipment.

Howen Solution

Howen’s onboard surveillance system combines mining cart speed, location data, and sensor data processing and transmits it to the server backend through network communication. And it will also promptly report the mining truck driver’s speeding and fatigued driving and other violations. The Statistical Report of the Mining Vehicle Monitoring System is an excellent functional module for vehicle configuration and scheduling according to open-pit mines’ unique needs and capabilities.

Ø AI MDVR with DMS, ADAS: Fatigue detection, with Face recognition for driver identification

Ø MDT with dispatch APP, integrated with a speed control system to reduce the accident rate

Ø Integrated with third-party FMS via VSS API

Howen Helps Mexico Build Smart Public Transport

As one of the most important public transportation tools, public buses are facing multiple types of risks threatening passengers, drivers, and bus companies. Increased surveillance to improve public transport safety is a popular solution around the world.

As the leading video security company in Mexico, this company is constantly keeping up with the ever-increasing changes and innovating new technologies to be able to provide the best public transportation services to the people of Mexico, powered by the latest VSS products and reliable surveillance system. After a thorough review of the available products, this company selected the Howen VSS solution to support the whole bus operation, including live real-time monitoring, GPS tracking, and remote surveillance.


Howen VSS Solution

For the complexity of bus driving and unstable factors in the itinerary, Howen offers customized solutions to solve various problems encountered before, based on its rich experience in the commercial vehicle Service System industry.

1. Video Monitoring

MDVR and Dome cameras are installed on buses for real-time monitoring and playback.

2.Transmission Network

Using 3G or 4G network connections for data transmission.

3. VSS Management

Central management for monitoring, alarm linkage, traffic data analysis, and more.

Passenger Counter

Automatically count passengers getting on and off a bus; keep track of transport demand.

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Spain SP Chooses Howen to Enhance Bus Management

Recently, thousands of Howen products were used in a large-scale project for an experienced leading service provider in Spain. The SP focuses on tracker business in the logistics and bus industries, serving most cities in Spain, and also providing a cutting-edge FMS platform to simplify the management of large fleets. 

At the beginning of the project, all of the buses already have trackers installed. The solutions implemented by Howen enhance the public bus management experience, making it more manageable, controllable and actionable:  AI MDVRs for high definition video recordings and AI functions, DMS cameras to monitor driver behavior, ADAS cameras to assist drivers in monitoring road conditions, and vehicle cameras  monitor the inside of the car for the collection of evidence afterward and reduce unnecessary disputes. 

In addition, Howen provides easy integration and support  with third-party systems, which allows the SP  to maximize the performance of Howen products on their FMS  platform. Then the SP has the ability to monitor drivers’ safety and compliance while driving, receive real-time alerts for irregular driving, and use alarm reports to better understand and operate their fleets. 

Along with Howen, this SP is highly recognized by their customers for delivering exceptional service by combining their expertise with their respective software and hardware products. Both companies look forward to working together to deliver more comprehensive and powerful capabilities to customers in 2022 and beyond. 

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Walmart Chile Boosts Fleet Security with Howen

Walmart fleet ships millions of products every day, and is one of the largest distribution businesses in the world. In order to ensure that all aspects of the supply chain function properly, thousands of tractors, trailers and drivers are required to complete the task. In this case, they face many road safety-related problems every year, and vehicle telematics is the most effective way for their fleet operation and management. However, they will have to consider the cost of thousands of tractors and trailers.

Howen is leading the commercial vehicle Service System industry by focusing on combining cost-effective solutions with latest innovative technology. Moreover, Howen always put quality first, no matter products or services.

This is why Walmart Chile chose Howen. Howen provides economical and reliable solutions: hundreds of Howen MDVRs and vehicle cameras in their tractors and trailers in the first stage. And Howen MDVRs also have good compatibility with third-party peripheral products, which makes each trailer of Walmart Chile fleet equipped with the mostcomplete equipment.

Wialon platform is used to manage all these MDVRs and cameras benefiting from the complete integration with Howen. The whole solution is to ensure that Walmart Chile has minimal concerns about their operations.

Wal-Mart Chile is very satisfied with the results of its initial installation, and is now considering expanding this implementation to more tractors and trailers.

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Uzbekistan’s Largest Factory Constructs Visual Delivery with Howen Body Worn Cameras

As the largest fresh meat and milk products factory in Uzbekistan, the client provides delivery services of a large amount of its products to the capital and surrounding areas every day. Since fxed surveillance cameras can’t monitor employees who go out for delivery, thefts are getting more and more frequent and serious, causing great economic losses to the company.

Howen provides end-to-end solutions with deep customization based on customer needs:

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Howen VSS Protects Coca-Cola Freight in Columbia

Recently Howen provided complete Vehicle Service System for Coca-Cola fleets in Columbia.

Full solution including video surveillance, fuel management, tracking and dispatch are now protecting trucks of this world’s leading beverage provider and improving its logistics efficiency.

Howen’s full-featured VSS software platform offers all-day monitoring in the backend

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