Howen New Smart Dashcam to Secure Your Every Mile


#Innovation has never stopped and Howen just released its first Smart Dashcam for truck, trailer, pickup, taxi, and more commercial vehicles. We include everything crucial into this powerful dashcam by the research in the video telematics and fleet management industries.

After months of development, we achieve some incredible functions on this body such as dual FHD super-wide-angle adjustable lenses, H.265 coded video, effortless installation design, comprehensive network modules and sensors, rich and extendable interfaces, etc.

Howen All-in-one Smart Dashcam is specialized for commercial vehicle applications (truck, trailer, pickup, taxi, etc.). It features front- and rear- facing wide-angle 1080P cameras which allow it to synchronously captures both front and rear view of the vehicle. The super-wide-angle lens maximizes visible area to 3 lanes and minimizes blind spots. Starlight image sensor + WDR record the most details


Additionally takes one more step to challenge the boundary of the traditional dashcam. It utilizes High-Efficiency Video Coding (H.265) that reduces about 40% of video size, which results in saving 40% of the data cost and time used for transferring the files, making download video from the cloud more accessible.


You will never find such an effortless installation way to install a dashcam until you meet Howen Smart Dashcam. The paste-and-go design cut down set up time which could add up saving a lot of time for fleet management.

Additionally, we carefully chose the mounting material which can stick tightly on all types of the windshield and stay firmly no matter vibrating and extreme temperature.


The rich and versatile interfaces on the Smart Dashcam will unlock more possibilities for your fleets and vehicles. It offers you dual TF card slots which support 256G for each, a SIM card slot that supports LTE and 40+ bands for better signal strength, and a special screw to lock the lenses’ angle and prevent shaking on the vehicles.

The USB port empowers you to stay up-to-date with the firmware and extend for more peripherals. More importantly, you can use the dashcam as a mini MDVR to connect with 2 more cameras by the external cable.


Just like Howen MDVR, the Smart Dashcam is ready to integrate with either Howen VSS fleet management platform or our partner FMS platforms. Fleet managers get on the cloud via the management platform and access data like video, images, alarm details from the dashcam.

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AI Box: Innovative Solutions to AI-ize Your GPS Tracker and MDVR

Howen just released its brand-new AI Box, an innovative solution for upgrading to AI video telematics and a smart accessory that possesses most of the core functions from AI MDVR. The most important spotlights are the built-in AI processor and algorithms that empower the AI Box to digest signals from DMS and ADAS cameras and output data into driving coaching and driver behavior reminding.


Differ to the average processor, the specialized DSP cores on AI chipset enable AI Box to analyze image information at a much higher level. Comparatively, the processor is capable to analyze continuous data (video signal) more stably and the super-fast processing capability can generate analytics results responsively. All together make the DMS and ADAS function more feasible and practical.

Moreover, the upgradable DMS+ADAS+Face Recognition algorithms are coded by the special needs in a rigorous vehicle operating environment where strong backlight and low light environments are common. In the tests in extreme light environments, the system with AI Box can recognize driver and road conditions promptly and accurately, no matter day and night.

By integrating the AI box with the existing vehicle system, fleet operators can achieve DMS functions such as driver fatigue and distracting driving detection, driver identity, and attendance detection.  and driver identification detection, and ADAS functions such as Front collision warning(FCW), Lane Departure Warning(LDW), Pedestrian Collision Warning(PCW), and Front Vehicle Start Warning. It’s a perfect complementary for GPS trackers and MDVRs that upgrade the current system to realize AI functions.

Check out more detailing configuration and datasheet here.

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Howen All-in-one AI MDVR on Wialon

Howen have been dedicated to accelerating the development of AI video telematics solution. Recently, they joined hands with Wialon and have successfully integrated the AI MDVR with the platform.

Wialon as one of the biggest and powerful GPS tracking systems provides diverse IoT tracking solutions to over 2.6 million vehicles from different countries. The applications and solutions include scheduled transportation management, delivery monitoring service, maintenance management app, driver behavior monitoring module, and much more. Solutions provided by Wialon have empowered many businesses to effectively manage their fleets and have created countless profits by optimizing their fleet performances.

Benefiting from Wialon’s powerful cloud service, and the seamless cooperation of Gurtam engineering team, Howen, one of the earliest partners of Wialon, now is bringing out industrial AI video telematics solutions, which are not just compatible with the AI MDVR but also are capable to execute all significant functions on the platform. Through mutual R&D’s endeavor, the AI MDVR now specifically supports a series of advanced functions besides regular features on Wialon :

  • AI reports provide more insights by Howen DMS+ADAS+Facial Recognition algos to optimize fleet performance.
  • AI push alarms are more responsive than ever thanks to the cutting-edge AI chipset on AI MDVR and Wialon specialized integration.




Besides forceful applications on Wialon, Howen AI solutions are also backed by the revolutionary AI MDVR, which includes a series of benefits and advantages as followed:
  • AI CPU: Breezing-fast processing capability
    • Powerful DSP for Neural Network algos. >
    • Super-sharp videos quality by ISP.
  • DMS: Pinpoint algos by the top-notch supplier
    • Low-latency drivers’ condition evaluation.
    • Customizable verbal alerts for driver coaching.
    • Prevent potential factitious accidents.
  • Facial Recognition: Super-accurate biometrics recognition
    • Encrypted drivers’ facial database in the MDVR
    • Precise behavior recognition: drivers’ authentication checking, driver attendance, driver change, driver return detection, etc.
  • ADAS: Most adaptive to all road environments
    • All-day, all-weather inerrant sensing.
    • Rich & upgradable algos: FCW, HMW, LDW, PCW, etc.
    • Transform road conditions to proactive actions.


Newsletter from Wialon


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Howen AI Solution for Cold Chain Logistics

Howen Thermal solution has empowered the world to fight back Covid-19 and adapt to the new normal. While on the other side, with the increasing debut of Covid-19 vaccine, a prompt and responsive cold chain logistics solution to transport the covid-19 vaccines becomes so vital in the fleet industry as experts estimated that at least 12 billion vaccines will be needed over the world.

Market challenges

The unprecedented amount of vaccines will need to be carried from pharma to different cities even across continents, which requires complex and agile cold chain management. However, other than solely adding the supply chain, there are more challenges underneath for carrier, airline, and pharma companies.

Wastage and spoilage are the main problems

According to a study published last year, a quarter of vaccines are degraded in the arrival at the destination which can owe to inappropriate shipping and storage processes. And a degraded vaccine, on the one hand, would cause a considerable financial loss that could be estimated at 31 billion dollars annually.

On the other hand, a seemly slight delay of vaccination could lead to countless deaths and consistent shutdown, especially for a rural area with undeveloped transportation. Even if the vaccines arrive on time, vaccines with decreased effectiveness might be ineffective and the patients might be required to revaccinated.

What’s worth noticing is that the newly developed vaccines have a higher storage requirement that Moderna’s vaccine should be kept under minor 20 Celcius while Pfizer’s vaccine should be stored at minus 70 Celcius. That is to say, vaccine storage temperature has become the biggest challenge and a subtle temperature mistake in cold chain management could cause millions of losses for vaccine stakeholders.

Every second matter in vaccine transportation

Vaccine security is another huge challenge for vaccine cold chain logistics. How to secure vaccines from pilferage throughout the shipping is directly related to human life. Furthermore, smooth the connection among four transport phases should be taken into consideration since every second matter to secure the vaccine activity and patients for inoculation.

Howen AI solution for vaccine cold chain logistics

To cope with the demands and challenges, Howen introduced a solution for vaccine transportation. The AI solution for cold chain logistics integrating our most advanced AI technology and fleet management platform that can effectively secure vaccines and improve cold chain shipping efficiency.

Advantages and benefits

  • Revolutionary AI MDVR as its exceptional processing capability to analyze video information, supports up to 8 channels AHD 1080p cameras and 4TB storage for recording.
  • Industrial-level temperature detector actively and accurately monitors reefer temperature, alarm, and report the abnormal temperature.
  • DMS and ADAS driven by intelligent algorithms can rapidly analyze driver behaviors and vehicle surroundings, empower management, and driver to take predictive actions.
  • Designed for vehicle industries with a rugged structure to withstand any vibration and protect data.
  • Rear and in-cab cameras provide real-time vehicle surveillance, guarantee vaccine safety, and prevent pilferage.


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Howen thermal imaging camera boosts trust for Sheraton Hotel


Sheraton Hotels in Sharjah, UAE, selected Howen thermal solution with imaging camera to boosts trust in safety among customers and employees.

After the breakout of Covid-19, global customers’ and employees’ awareness of safety has promptly increased, followed by the rising attention to public safety problems. They care about if proper covid19 protection is set up in businesses to prevent them from the infection.

Global corporations, particularly those in the service industry noticed the change. Undoubtedly, effective thermal solutions became one of the top choices. So far, hundreds of companies in 60 more countries have chosen Howen AI thermal detector for temperature detection and access control.

The effects this thermal solution with thermal imaging camera brought were notable that workplace safety and efficiency were largely enhanced, plus trusts to companies and service were regained. Howen is proud to support companies like Sheraton to revive from the shock and increase their competitiveness in their industries.


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Poland Schools in Ohio, U.S., selected Howen AI thermal detector solution to protect students from COVID-19

U.S. Schools Selected Howen AI Thermal Detector for COVID-19

The U.S. is still in a sticky wicket

The U.S. is still in a sticky wicket

Ohio Schools selected Howen AI detector

The United States is experiencing an unprecedented challenge from Covid-19. Previously, a hospital in the U.S. adopted Howen AI thermal detector solution to monitor visitors amongst. The solution eased staff workload and efficiently safeguard the hospital. Lately, WFMK News (an affiliated TV station of NBC) reported that the Poland Schools in Ohio have purchased AI thermal detectors to better prevent infection among the school.

These AI thermal detectors developed and manufactured by Howen, were installed at the entrances of the Poland Schools building. Equipped with the powerful AI chipset, the Artificial Intelligent detectors can scan 2,400 individuals in an hour, which allows Poland Schools to efficiently maintained daily regular operation. Thanks to the advanced algorithms embedded in the detectors, students don’t have to stop to check the temperature, «They just walk right up to it, you will see it (the temperature) on the video», said David Janofa, Superintendent of Poland School. 

Versatile and customizable to meet different needs

The AI detector can also recognize whether passerby is wearing a mask, owing to Howen ISP technology. Other than temperature checking, Howen provides customization service to adjust its functions to meet customers’ needs. Schools, government agencies, and commercial organizations can take advantage of its superior facial recognition function for visitor entry into buildings. Moreover, this mobile detector is expected to be implemented in indoor and outdoor sporting events in the future.

Key features of Howen AI thermal detector

Key features of Howen AI thermal detector

Practices-proven solutions

Howen AI thermal detector has been applied worldwide as a forceful instrument to precisely measure body temperature. Companies from many countries have successfully control the situation with the partnership of Howen. We are hoping more and more organizations could adopt productive solutions to contain the pandemic and secure their employees back to work soon.


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Howen-Solution-in-Guatemala-on map

Howen MDVR and VSS Safeguarded Truck Operation in Guatemala

Howen’s innovation of customized vehicle solutions with MDVR and VSS has never stopped. Lately from Guatemala, we received heart-stirring news from our client that our tailor-made project will be landed in one month. Several months ago, our Guatemalan client reached out to Howen for an applicable solution. They are one of the biggest truck companies which have been operating oil and soil transportation over many decades in Guatemala. 

What made our clients’ headaches?

In daily operation, our client found a series of issues which might cause the millions dollar of loss, such as fatigued driving, oil theft, and so on. It’s also reported that truck accidents happen frequently nationwide. Due to the facts, our client increasingly longs for a vehicle surveillance solution to effectively supervise the internal and surrounding environment of their trucks. Therefore, they proposed a specific requirement of viewing their trucks video in realtime. In addition to the traditional vehicle video recording, the Guatemalan client was very interested in leveraging the power of the latest VSS solution to further cut down the operation cost. 


Customized solution for the «headaches»

After comprehending the needs profoundly, our solution professionals came up with a solution. We selected our Mobile DVR  (model: Hero-ME32-04) as the «trucks’ brain» to process data, as its functions listed below:

  • This economical MDVR supports 4 channels 720p cameras that meet most of the needs of our clients’ trucks.
  • The embedded 1TB HDD is designed with a specialized solid structure to mitigate vibration and protect data.
  • Built-in 4G, Wifi, and GPS modules ensure data transfer without any hinders.
  •  The intelligent G-sensor detects moments of the truck and alarms any unnormal positional changes.
  • Affluent connection ports enable transferring more data from vehicle peripherals to MDVR and VSS.

Other than the MDVR, we carefully chose a dome camera(Hero-C62S0V30-1MR) installed inside the cabin and 3 rear cameras (Hero-C60S0V26-1MR)  respectively installed beside and behind the truck. These wide-angle and water-resistant cameras provide a complete high-resolution view of the surrounding. More importantly, they are tuned by our engineers to match with our MDVR. Truck drivers can view the circumstances round through the monitor and make smart decisions.

Vehicle Service System(VSS) for more possibilities

On the platform side, we provided our self-developed Vehicle Service System (VSS). The multi-functional platform received data from Howen MDVR and renders our clients a management system that they can monitor vehicles in real-time anywhere by installing our dedicated mobile APP and software. Furthermore, the VSS platform is able to locate trucks and record the routes. With this function, our clients can optimize the transporting route and cut down insufficient costs. 


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AI термодетектор заново открыл двери в учебные учреждения в Бахрейне

Страны по всему миру сталкиваются с разными обстоятельствами от COVID-19, что означает они борются с разными вызовами. Начиная от перегруженной системы здравоохранения и заканчивая массовыми мероприятиями, компании и агентства тщательно рассматривают любые возможные решения, которые позволят вернуть все в прежнее русло.

Школы используют сканнеры от компании Howen для проверки посещаемости студентов

В связи с началом открытия кампусы и школы сталкиваются с необходимостью создания эффективных систем мониторинга прогулов для регулярного информирования об отсутствии и состоянии здоровья учащихся и сотрудников как это предлагает ВОЗ. Международная школа AMA, одна из ведущих учебных заведений в Бахрейне, выбрала Howen AI сканеры-тепловизоры в качестве необходимого оборудования, чтобы на регулярной основе безопасно предлагать учащимся самый лучший вариант обучения.

AI сканер-тепловизор с молниеносной скоростью обнаружения может выполнять тяжелые задачи в школе, сохраняя точность измерения температуры ± 0,2. Кроме того, датчики, подключенные к школьной сети, могут функционировать как система контроля прогулов. Сотрудникам школ больше не нужно стоять у входа и по очереди проверять температуру. Как мы видим в ролике, сканер выдает всплывающее уведомление если объект передвижения не носит маску.

Сканеры-тепловизоры вызывают доверие клиентов

Компании должны не только гарантировать безопасность сотрудников на рабочем месте, но и предоставлять профессиональные и безопасные услуги которые будут вызывать доверие клиентов. На Ближнем Востоке авиакомпания Emirates внедрила тепловое обнаружение для проверки пассажиров вылетающих из Дубая. Будучи одним из крупнейших местных финансовых институтов Bahrain Credit выбрала Howen AI сканер-тепловизор, чтобы предоставить гарантированную безопасность своим клиентам.

Вместо того, чтобы вводить данные с клавиатуры или проводить пальцем для идентификации личности для входа, клиентам Bahrain Credit нужно только подойти к тепловому датчику и дверь откроется, если температура объекта ниже 37,5 ℃. В этот бесконтактный детектор встроены две камеры ночного виденья, которые удваивают количество падающего света и позволяют определять температуру объектов на расстоянии 1,2 м, что значительно снижает нагрузку на персонал и создает безопасную среду как для сотрудников, так и для клиентов.



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Howen тесно сотрудничает с автопроизводителями для AI видео решений

За более чем десятилетний опыт обслуживания автомобилей компания Howen приобрела отличную репутацию во всем мире. Наше успешная установка MDVR и VSS привлекла много клиентов, которые рассказали о наших кейсах в своих странах. Благодаря этим бесчисленным одобрениям и рекомендациям мы недавно начали сотрудничество с ведущей международной автомобильной компанией, которая в общей сложности отправила на экспорт более 80 000 единиц автобусов в более чем 130 стран.

Мы тесно сотрудничаем с данной автомобильной компанией, чтобы успешно запустить проект AI видео решения для 100 туристических автобусов на Ближнем Востоке. В отличие от транзитных автобусов, которые обычно используются для перевозки на короткие расстояния, автобусы дальнего следования предназначены для перевозок на длинные расстояния, такие как туристические и международные перевозки, требующие более высокой скорости.

Наш клиент был осведомлен о потенциальных проблемах, связанных с плохо выполняемыми водительскими обязанности на примере трагедии, которая случилась в США два года назад. Такого рода проблема может скорее всего произойти в более быстрых автобусах при длительном вождении. Поэтому автомобильная компания предложила использовать технологию искусственного интеллекта для минимизации потенциальных рисков и обеспечения безопасности пассажиров. После дальнейшего анализа условий эксплуатации и особых потребностей мы приступили к настройке и тестированию комплексного AI видео решения.

Защита на 360° от MDVR и AI систем

MDVR Howen ME32-04 с 4 каналами представленный для решения поддерживает несколько дополнительных модулей и периферийных устройств. Как сборщик данных для туристического автобуса он подключается к нашим автомобильным камерам V24, V26, V30, которые обеспечивают полный обзор автобуса. Эти AHD-камеры с матрицей Sony CMOS 1/3 дюйма 1M и более чем 12 ИК-датчиками обеспечивают исключительное качество записи днем и ночью.

Стоит упомянуть о нашем специализированном приложении ADAS + DMS AI системы. Эта интеллектуальная система, оснащенная 2 камерами и передовыми алгоритмами искусственного интеллекта может отслеживать поведение водителей и потенциальные риски на дорогах. Усовершенствованная современная система помощи водителю(ADAS) активно обнаруживает окружение транспортных средств через переднюю камеру для обеспечения помощи при вождении: предупреждение о лобовом столкновении (FCW), предупреждение о мониторинге движения (HMW), предупреждение о выезде с полосы движения (LDW) и предупреждение о фронтальном столкновении в городе (UFCW). Эти предупреждения позволяют водителям действовать предельно быстро и обезопасить пассажиров.


При дальнем и длительном вождении точное определение условий водителя автобуса может значительно снизить риски, вызванные субъективными факторами. Система мониторинга водителя (DMS) может определять условия работы водителей по их чертам лица. Когда один водитель непрерывно управляет автобусами в течение 4 часов система DMS дает сигнал водителю о необходимости взять перерыв на отдых или поменяться местами с другим водителем. Более того DMS может автоматически анализировать изменения лица водителей автобусов, чтобы принимать решения и генерировать предупреждения. DMS выдает серию предупреждений, когда водители нарушают правила безопасного вождения, например, закрывают глаза, зевают, звонят и т.д.


Дополнительные факты о VSS

Более того мы успешно подключили эти устройства к нашей Системе обслуживания транспортных средств (VSS). Когда какое-либо поведение водителя или дорожные происшествие активизируют срабатывание сигнала система ADAS DMS автоматически записывает изображения или видео в заданное время и отправляет их в VSS. Кроме того, руководство автопарка может просматривать всю информацию о транспортных средствах, включая потоковое видео и географическое местоположение для оптимизации производительности автопарка и бюджетных расходов.


Заинтересованы в наших уникальных решениях? Свяжитесь с нами через



New Starlight Vehicle Cameras Take Night View to Next Level

Driving buses and trucks at night have always been a high-risk event for fleet companies. Despite 60% less traffic at night, over 35% of truck accidents happened at night. On the one hand, extremely low light environments largely limit driver view sight. One the other hand, marathon-style driving for over 8 hours drained off drivers’ energy. Both of these situations expose fleets in a dangerous environment that deserves exceptional management from fleet companies.  Without effective vehicle camera solutions and solid videos for evidence, fleet companies could confront millions of losses and plenty of safety issues.

United States — A total of 4,951 people died in large-truck crashes in 2018. The number of deaths has increased 46% since 2009 (3,380 deaths).

Howen took this situation into consideration and just released a series of vehicle cameras for better video surveillance: V25, V26, V36. They are all manufactured with solid industrial structures that are specially designed for commercial vehicles. More importantly, these vehicle cameras are equipped with our selected CMOS solution to resolve video recording in low-light situations. Traditional vehicle cameras can only record night videos while lost control of the image dynamic range, which might help with nothing when the fleet management would like to analyze further more details in the videos.

Stunning video recording quality

The latest Starlight camera series powered by Howen Starlight solution perform far beyond the traditional vehicle cameras. We cooperated in-depth with the partner who supplies the most sophisticated sensors in the world to develop this low-light solution. Besides the 960P high-resolution record capability, vehicle cameras featured with Starlight solution can provide a clearer view with distinct objects as well as colorful videos. In our comparison under the late-night environment (>0.01 lux), the Starlight cameras present a sharper, clearer, and higher dynamic range viewing.



Solid quality made for commercial vehicles

Aside from the decent image quality, our new lineup is all crafted with structures that certificated with industrial level by authoritative sections.

Howen-V25-1ME poster-16-9

V26 and V36 both are certificated with IP68 protection level, which can support video recording outdoor in all seasons. What’s worth mentioning is that V26 vehicle cameras were adopted as rear cameras in Howen’s concrete trucks projects in Morroco and Guatemala due to their uncompromised reliable quality.

V25 has two different models according to application purpose and environment.  V25-1MK is a vandal-proof camera marked by level IK10, the highest EU protection level to resist external mechanical impacts. Vehicle cameras with IK10 protection can protect the fleet asset from theft or damage while keeping important information in the recording.

Similar to V25-1ME’s record capability, V25-1ME can withstand higher external impacts. Its outer shell is made by high-density steel 304 which reaches the level Exdllc — the highest level in EU standard to protect cameras from gas hazards like flame and explosion. Vehicle cameras certificated with ExdIIC are specifically applied in gas or oil transportation. In our Donimica’s project, V25-1MK cameras were installed on oil and gas trucks with our fireproof cable to help our client safeguard their asset.

Consult us for more information about our latest starlight cameras via


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