AI thermal detector in an Australian Pharmacy

AI Thermal Detectors Quicken Testing Process in Australian Pharmacies


Australia Reached the Second Peak of COVID-19

COVID-19 pharmacy checking trial starts in Australia

Australia has reached the second peak of Pandemic since July, three months after the first COVID-19 breakout. Whereafter, the governments increasingly devote more effort to the containment include claiming to start the COVID-19 pharmacy testing trial«We want to build on our network of more than over 60 COVID-19 testing locations in South Australia to make it as easy as possible to get a test. « Minister for Health and Wellbeing, Stephen Wade said. Australian pharmacies could be facing congested problems after the new claim and Howen AI thermal detector grabs their eyes with its previous exceptional performance in other countries. The first batch of Howen AI thermal detectors have been deployed by Australian pharmacies to guarantee the usual operation in the stores.


AI thermal detector in an Australian Pharmacy

AI Thermal Detectors faster the testing process

In the pharmacy environment where could be suddenly crowded, an effective detector can release must pressure of staffs so that pharmacist can provide better services to customers. Our AI thermal detectors are fast enough to scan out the temperature in 0.03 seconds, which is lightening faster than any other similar product in the market. 

Plus, the detector with a precision rate of 99.9% can serve as access control to identify staff and visitors by connecting to the database of the Census Bureau. With this peculiar capability, the detector will alarm pharmacists when detecting objects have a body temperature higher than 37.3℃. Moreover, pharmacies can access the detecting data through WIFI connection featured on the AI thermal detector. 

What’s worth mentioning is that the detector is able to recognize an individual from 1.2 meters to 0.3 meters, which has covered the social distances listed by most of the countries. It perfectly resolves queuing issues that visitors are no need to line up and stand still to wait for the checking result.

4-Key-features-of -AI-thermal-detector

Key Features of Howen AI Thermal Detector

It can be installed anywhere

As seen in the Australian pharmacy, our AI thermal detector was installed at the entrance with our customized base. In most of the public locations where spaces are limited and the environment must be seriously monitored, we have our professionals to provide solutions to fix the detector into your venue. 


The AI thermal detector has different mounting ways to install anywhere


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