Howen Helps Mexico Build Smart Public Transport

As one of the most important public transportation tools, public buses are facing multiple types of risks threatening passengers, drivers, and bus companies. Increased surveillance to improve public transport safety is a popular solution around the world.

As the leading video security company in Mexico, this company is constantly keeping up with the ever-increasing changes and innovating new technologies to be able to provide the best public transportation services to the people of Mexico, powered by the latest VSS products and reliable surveillance system. After a thorough review of the available products, this company selected the Howen VSS solution to support the whole bus operation, including live real-time monitoring, GPS tracking, and remote surveillance.


Howen VSS Solution

For the complexity of bus driving and unstable factors in the itinerary, Howen offers customized solutions to solve various problems encountered before, based on its rich experience in the commercial vehicle Service System industry.

1. Video Monitoring

MDVR and Dome cameras are installed on buses for real-time monitoring and playback.

2.Transmission Network

Using 3G or 4G network connections for data transmission.

3. VSS Management

Central management for monitoring, alarm linkage, traffic data analysis, and more.

Passenger Counter

Automatically count passengers getting on and off a bus; keep track of transport demand.

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