Howen Provides Solution to Combat Covid-19 in Jordan

Howen has just released the AI thermal detector in response to the organizational need of securing their employees and customers when resuming activities in offices and factories during Covid-19. This solution implemented in the food and telecommunication industries has come out with ideal results. Similarly, it is beneficial for enterprises in other industries from educational institutions to tourist companies.

Beside Peru, UAE, Panama, United States and Indonesia, Jordanian Police Department also successfully deployed Howen AI thermal detector. Thanks to the precise and intelligent solution, the enterprises cross the country have continuously returned to operation. Lately, a tour bus company in Jordan effectively contained the infections among the company by applying this detector with Face Recognition System. Under the protection of Howen, we can live a safer life.

-Employee in the bus company testing the AI thermal detector

Powered by the best AI chipset and algorithm in the world, Howen AI thermal detector can recognize whether people are wearing masks, which respectively trigger the action of opening entrance or ringing the alarm. Besides, by adopting the ISP technologies, the detector can identify facial covering and shorten the detection time.

Please watch the video of the AI detection with and without a mask.



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