Howen thermal imaging camera boosts trust for Sheraton Hotel


Sheraton Hotels in Sharjah, UAE, selected Howen thermal solution with imaging camera to boosts trust in safety among customers and employees.

After the breakout of Covid-19, global customers’ and employees’ awareness of safety has promptly increased, followed by the rising attention to public safety problems. They care about if proper covid19 protection is set up in businesses to prevent them from the infection.

Global corporations, particularly those in the service industry noticed the change. Undoubtedly, effective thermal solutions became one of the top choices. So far, hundreds of companies in 60 more countries have chosen Howen AI thermal detector for temperature detection and access control.

The effects this thermal solution with thermal imaging camera brought were notable that workplace safety and efficiency were largely enhanced, plus trusts to companies and service were regained. Howen is proud to support companies like Sheraton to revive from the shock and increase their competitiveness in their industries.


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