Комплексное решение


Вызовы и необходимость внедрения

Trailer trucks undertake one of the most demanding and crucial roles in logistics transportation. The transportation of high-value assets and goods necessitates robust security monitoring. Additionally, managing driver behavior is essential for long-haul journeys.

Challenges faced by trailer trucks include:

Monitoring area

Ensuring that the monitoring area is appropriate for the long dimensions of trailers.

Detachable trailers

Requiring easily disassembled systems for efficient management.

Driver fatigue and accident risk

Addressing the drowsiness caused by long hours of driving and navigating through high-risk accident areas.

Security for high-value goods

Implementing robust and secure solutions to safeguard valuable cargo during transportation.

Решение от Howen для грузоперевозок

Howen Logistics Solution is a comprehensive and efficient system designed to streamline logistics operations. It offers real-time tracking, monitoring, and reporting capabilities to optimize the supply chain process. With advanced features such as route optimization, asset tracking, and data analytics, Howen Logistics Solution enhances operational efficiency, improves customer satisfaction, and drives overall business success in the logistics industry.

Технические преимущества

Видеомониторинг транспортного средства/груза в режиме реального времени

Our comprehensive solution ensures real-time visibility and full control over operations, offering multi-channel live preview, playback, and tracking capabilities from the loading stage to cargo unloading, accessible anytime and anywhere. 

Точные технологии для обеспечения безопасности ТС

By utilizing advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), driver monitoring systems (DMS), and blind spot detection (BSD) technologies, numerous accidents can be effectively reduced. These systems monitor driver behavior and detect road risks, providing timely pre-alerts to allow drivers to self-correct. This contributes to safer roads and increased uptime, ensuring enhanced safety for all.

Экономный расход топлива

Live monitoring of fuel consumption helps combat refueling fraud and fuel theft. It also detects and records low fuel economy behaviors such as harsh driving, route deviation, and idling for driver coaching purposes. This not only saves money but also reduces emissions, contributing to environmental sustainability.

Различные формы отчетов по ключевым показателям эффективности

By collecting all fleet operation data on a centralized platform, smart and rich reports can be generated. These reports cover important metrics such as mileage, working hours, fuel consumption, and more. This facilitates easy tracking of vehicle and driver KPIs, enabling informed decision-making processes.


Howen eagerly anticipates collaborating on more projects with partners from diverse industries in the future. By doing so, we aim to explore the development direction of the Vehicle Surveillance Systems (VSS) industry and collectively create a safer world.


Значительное сокращение эксплуатационных расходов за счет мониторинга стиля вождения


Комплексный подход к управлению автопарком


Повышение эффективности за счет обработки данных, представленных в отчетах


Интеграция со сторонними FMS-платформами