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Вызовы и необходимость внедрения

Public transportation is an essential sector in every city, but it faces significant challenges such as robberies, overloading, and traffic accidents. To address these issues, a surveillance system can provide reliable evidence to help bus fleets reduce operational costs and improve safety.

Additionally, there are significant demands in the bus vehicle service system:

Ensuring Safety Procedures

Implement strict safety protocols to protect passengers, including proper maintenance of vehicles, regular driver training, and adherence to traffic regulations. This helps minimize accidents and ensure passenger safety.

Clear Audio and Video Recording

Install surveillance cameras inside buses to capture clear audio and video footage of driver-passenger interactions. This serves as valuable evidence in cases of disputes or incidents, promoting accountability and resolving conflicts effectively.

Mitigating Frivolous Lawsuits

A reliable surveillance system provides court-ready evidence, discouraging lawsuits and reducing legal expenses for bus fleet operators. This evidence helps resolve disputes and protect the transportation service's reputation.

Real-Time Route Monitoring

Utilize real-time monitoring systems to track buses' locations, monitor routes, and identify any deviations or delays. This enables fleet operators to take immediate action, optimize route efficiency, and improve overall service reliability.

Howen VSS Solution for Public Bus


Наши многоканальные видеорегистраторы обеспечивают качественное видеонаблюдение в салоне автобусов.

Подсчет пассажиров

The records of the counting people can be real-time transferred via RS232 to MDVR or use 3G/4G to CMS directly. If there is MDVR, you can tag the video when someone passes for later playback retrieval and manual checks.


Реклама, тангента для рации и др.

Оплата проезда

Мобильный терминал данных (MDT) является планшетом в промышленном исполнении, работающем на OS Android. На него можно установить специальное приложение, соединенное через порт RS232 с RFID-валидатором, помощью которого пассажиры могут оплачивать проезд в пассажирском транспорте.

Системы ADAS/DMS

Данные системы позволяют определить усталое состояние волителя, опасное вождение и др. Системы автоматически одновременно посылают звуковые сигналы водителю, а также отчеты о событиях на платформу диспетчера. Эффективное распознавание событий и информирование о них водителя позволяют значительно количество вероятных ДТП.

Что мы предлагаем

Howen Bus Solutions provide a comprehensive package of safety, security, operational efficiency, and cost-saving benefits, ultimately leading to improved service quality and customer satisfaction.


Enhanced Safety and Security

Howen bus solutions incorporate advanced surveillance systems, including high-definition cameras, GPS tracking, and real-time monitoring. This ensures passenger safety, deters criminal activities, and provides valuable evidence in the event of incidents.


Улучшенная система для оценки ключевых показателей эффективности водителей.

Howen bus solutions enable real-time monitoring of bus locations, route deviations, and passenger counts. This helps fleet operators optimize routes, allocate resources effectively, and improve overall operational efficiency.


Cost Reduction

By leveraging Howen bus solutions, operators can reduce operational costs through optimized route planning, fuel consumption monitoring, and preventive maintenance schedules. This leads to improved cost management and increased profitability.


Legal Protection

The presence of a reliable surveillance system provided by Howen helps protect bus fleet operators from false claims and frivolous lawsuits. The court-ready evidence captured by the system can be used to defend against liability claims, saving legal expenses.


Data Analytics and Insights

Howen bus solutions often include data analytics capabilities, enabling operators to gain valuable insights into passenger behavior, route performance, and fleet utilization. This data-driven approach helps make informed decisions, optimize operations, and improve overall service quality.


Enhanced Passenger Experience

With real-time monitoring, accurate schedules, and improved safety measures, Howen bus solutions contribute to a better passenger experience. Passengers can feel secure, enjoy reliable service, and benefit from optimized routes and on-time arrivals.

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Howen bus solution has been trusted by a diverse range of key customers in the transportation industry. Our advanced surveillance systems and innovative technologies have helped improve safety, optimize operations, and enhance the overall passenger experience. We are proud to partner with leading bus operators, public transportation agencies, and fleet management companies that rely on our solutions to achieve their goals of efficiency, reliability, and customer satisfaction