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Видеорегистраторы (MDVR)

Featuring the most advanced hardware design and powered by comprehensive and reliable firmware, Howen MDVRs stand as highly competitive solutions in the market, offering exceptional performance, durability, and functionality to meet the diverse needs of industries requiring reliable vehicle surveillance solutions.

Гибкость в исполнении

Знакомьтесь! Это наши видеорегистраторы (MDVR)

Howen full range of mobile DVRs, including SD card-type MDVR and HDD-type MDVR, covering from 2 ch super mini MDVR, up to 12 ch hybrid MDVR, can meet the requirements of different vehicle verticals.


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HDD/SSD MDVR (Видеорегистраторы со слотом под HDD/SSD)

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