Howen Starlight Camera Take Night View to Next Level

Driving buses and trucks at night have always been a high-risk event for fleet companies. Despite 60% less traffic at night, over 35% of truck accidents happened at night. On the one hand, extremely low light environments largely limit driver view sight. One the other hand, marathon-style driving for over 8 hours drained off drivers’ energy. Both of these situations expose fleets in a dangerous environment that deserves exceptional management from fleet companies.  Without effective vehicle camera solutions and solid videos for evidence, fleet companies could confront millions of losses and plenty of safety issues.


United States – A total of 4,951 people died in large-truck crashes in 2018. The number of deaths has increased 46% since 2009 (3,380 deaths).

Howen took this situation into consideration and just released a series of vehicle cameras for better video surveillance: V25, V26, V36. They are all manufactured with solid industrial structures that are specially designed for commercial vehicles. More importantly, these vehicle cameras are equipped with our selected CMOS solution to resolve video recording in low-light situations. Traditional vehicle cameras can only record night videos while lost control of the image dynamic range, which might help with nothing when the fleet management would like to analyze further more details in the videos.

Stunning video recording quality

The latest Starlight camera series powered by Howen Starlight solution perform far beyond the traditional vehicle cameras. We cooperated in-depth with the partner who supplies the most sophisticated sensors in the world to develop this low-light solution. Besides the 960P high-resolution record capability, vehicle cameras featured with Starlight solution can provide a clearer view with distinct objects as well as colorful videos. In our comparison under the late-night environment (>0.01 lux), the Starlight cameras present a sharper, clearer, and higher dynamic range viewing.



Solid quality made for commercial vehicles

Aside from the decent image quality, our new lineup is all crafted with structures that certificated with industrial level by authoritative sections.

Howen-V25-1ME poster-16-9

V26 and V36 both are certificated with IP68 protection level, which can support video recording outdoor in all seasons. What’s worth mentioning is that V26 vehicle cameras were adopted as rear cameras in Howen’s concrete trucks projects in Morroco and Guatemala due to their uncompromised reliable quality.

V25 has two different models according to application purpose and environment.  V25-1MK is a vandal-proof camera marked by level IK10, the highest EU protection level to resist external mechanical impacts. Vehicle cameras with IK10 protection can protect the fleet asset from theft or damage while keeping important information in the recording.

Similar to V25-1ME’s record capability, V25-1ME can withstand higher external impacts. Its outer shell is made by high-density steel 304 which reaches the level Exdllc – the highest level in EU standard to protect cameras from gas hazards like flame and explosion. Vehicle cameras certificated with ExdIIC are specifically applied in gas or oil transportation. In our Donimica’s project, V25-1MK cameras were installed on oil and gas trucks with our fireproof cable to help our client safeguard their asset.

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