Howen VSS for Russia Smart Farming

With the rapid introduction and adoption of mobile computing, high-speed Internet and reliable satellites, the reach and usage of precision agriculture  has grown immensely over the past decades. Howen provides intelligent solutions integrating with mobile data terminal system for Russian farms in precision agriculture area, like parallel driving navigation.


The system mainly consists of three parts: in-vehicle equipment (like mobile data terminal, control equipment, etc.), data transmission and control center.

The core product is MDT, mobile data terminal, this is a rugged android tablet, which can install agricultural app inside to provide navigation. A-GPS signal-amplifier is needed because most of fields are remote and with no very good 3G/4G signal covered. The MDT together with GPS signal-amplifier can reach 20-30cm accuracy. For more accuracy demand, the system needs to add RTK system in order to reach 2cm-3cm accuracy.

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