Howen VSS for Shell Oil Truck

Howen has done lots of successful projects for oil & gas truck, such as TOTAL, Shell, Linde, and so on. Howen is proud of bringing benefits to clients all over the world.

Customer Challenges

The challenges of the telematics system for Shell’s oil and gas truck includes

No evidence for accident;
Drivers behavior out of control, like over speed, harsh braking;
Fatigue driving


Shell has defined an unified standard all over the world. The functions of the system includes

Constraint driver’s behavior, like Overspeed detection, Harsh acceleration and harsh brake detection, etc.
Show speed in speed display to remind driver
Need storage for 2 weeks, 24 hours per day
Support driver’s identity
Multiple GEO fence with different speed limit
Fatigue driving detection Optional
Fireproof box
Integrate fuel sensor to prevent oil lost


HOWEN technical support team successfully helped the client finish all the integration of the devices
and get all the functions of the software worked in the system.

“HOWEN surprises me a lot as what they have done beyond our expectations and they made all the
system worked well in such short time.” The president of the company replied.

Howen VSS Projects for Shell in the world





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