Howen VSS for Panama Taxi Project


In the past, safety is a big concern for taxi industry because the passengers or driver would face protential risks like robbery. ” It is worthy to stay at home rather than driving taxi during mid-night” said by a Panama taxi driver.

Therefore, taxi opeartors are trying to seek some system protect the drivers and also help them lower the accidents and generating more profits. They found us to get the most cost-effective solution for their taxi business.

Howen team has worked with this company and designed the most suitable solution based on their needs, Howen vehicle service system with mobile data terminal.

Benefits from Howen Vehicle Service System

By usuing Howen MDT, passengers are able to book taxis by the phone APP, all the driver and passengers’ information has been recorded in the system. Meanwhile, MDT can support up to 2 cameras for video streaming and recording so that system can monitor the actual internal and extenal enviroment.

After using this system, taxi operation can save up to 50% costs because they can do the records and attendence all by Internet. Furthermore, they lower up more than 30% insurance because they lower much driving accidents and improve much efficiency.

For more details please do not hestitate to contact Howen team and find out more customized solutions!

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