• Firefighting Truck Solution

Market Demand & Challenge

With the increase in the size of modern fire apparatus has come a greater need to overcome blind spots for the driver. So it is no surprise that while cameras mounted on the outside of fire apparatus have been around for several decades, they have become a more popular option in just the past several years.

While the majority of vehicle-mounted cameras address the driver’s view of the road in front and that behind the apparatus, increasingly fire apparatus is being specified with side-view cameras as well.

In addition to those 360-degree views around the apparatus, fire departments are also having cameras mounted in specialty areas of fire vehicles such as the tip of an aerial or the top of an aircraft rescue and firefighting truck.


  • Full telematics suite, live view and GPS tracking for operational efficiency;
  • Driver safety and behavior monitoring – In-cab camera systems and telematics suite for improved driving & driver performance;
  • Full Fleet Management & Dispatch , increase efficiency and save time;
  • Driving aids – blind spot eliminating cameras, proximity sensors, left hand warning systems and reversing camera solutions to protect drivers and vulnerable road users;
  • Support PTZ cameras working with controlling keyboard;
  • Two-audio communication working MDVR;


  • 4ch HDD MDVR with 4 cameras(1 indoor dome , 1 side vide, 1 front view, 1 rear view, 1PTZ Camera )
  • Customized I-button for driver attendance system;
  • Real time two way communication for emergency;
  • Power CMS Platform for Web based monitoring and APP.
  • Rugged vehicle mounted computer with Ambulance dispatch Software , to improve the fleet dispatch with fast response .

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