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Market Demand & Challenge

The public security system is characterized by mobility, suddenness and urgency. Front-line departments need to exchange real-time information with the public security data center at any time. In particular, the transmission application of video and related pictures can greatly improve the case handling efficiency of public security personnel.

Surveillance has blind spots, can not cover everywhere. The rapid development of video technology and network technology in recent years provides solution f

Besides, fixed s or mobile vehicle surveillance, it can provide supplement for the blind spots of fixed surveillance

The use of mobile surveillance system in the detection, monitoring and management of public security will greatly improve the detection efficiency and protect the personal safety of public security personnel.


The system mainly consists of three parts: field equipment (like MDVR, PTZ cameras), data transmission and control center.

The field equipment is mainly used for the collection and storage of audio and video, providing first-hand information on the scene for the leaders of the monitoring center, and preserving evidence for the handling of the case in the future.

It is mainly composed of PTZ camera, control keyboard, mobile DVR, vehicle-mounted display, GPS positioning module, push to talk equipment and other components.

Data transmission is mainly provided by network providers, mainly supported by 3G/4G mobile network, providing data transmission services.

Control center: it is mainly used for leaders to conduct command and dispatch of remote personnel and vehicles after analyzing the audio and video data sent back to the center, deal with on-site events, and record and save the data for reference.


  1. Increase more than 40% dispatching efficiency;
  2. Full HD video recordings uploading to server center;
  3. Body worn support live video streaming to control platform;
  4. Reports for key alerts and emergency cases;
  5. Two-way audio communication between control center and police;

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