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Market Demand & Challenge

Mining operations are located in some of the world’s most remote regions, or in the mountain, where rough road & harsh environment and no reliable communication network. The fleet management and driver behaviors monitoring become necessary, especially the fatigue driving management for truck drivers is an important element of keeping driver and material safety. The video telematics device to be deployed for mining truck shall be vibration protection, dust protection, and can stand for high temperature and low temperature.

The challenge and requirement of mining truck as below:

  • Driver identification
  • Driver attendance and KPI
  • High accident rate causing by fatigue driving or distraction driving during the long trip transportation
  • High accident rate causing by over speed, harsh brake
  • Video clip upload to server base on alarm trigger
  • Notification when incident occurs
  • Daily report or monthly report
  • Vibration protection, dust protection, high/low temperature


Howen vehicle service system is all in one solution, video surveillance + telematics combine solution adopts selected components, standard for high / low temperature, and meeting MIL standard anti-vibration.

  • live streaming or GPS tracking
  • Alarm linked video clip back to center server
  • Support 5.8GHz Wi-Fi video and alarm events uploading
  • Fatigue driving detection sensor in order to detect fatigue driving, smoking, phone call during driving, non-distraction driving etc.
  • Two-way audio for center server to communicate with driver via VOIP
  • Vandal proof housing / explosion protection case


  • Various type of driver identification and attendance management, such as ibutton, RFID, NFC, magnetic card reader etc.
  • Track mining vehicles in real-time including GPS location, engine hours, mileage, geo-fences, fuel consumption and more, efficient fleet management and router management.
  • Fatigue driving detection
  • Use verbal in-cab driver coaching alerts for speeding, seat belt use, aggressive driving and idling to improve driver safety and mining fleet efficiency
  • Get instant alert for mining vehicle operating in open pit mining blast zones.
  • Anti-vibration and water-proof design. Ability to perform well in wide temperature range
  • Built-in 5.8GHz WIFI module for fast transmit GPS location, real time live video, alarm linked video clip back to center server
  • Easy to install and operate, friendly user interface, saving installation and operation cost
  • Improve preventative maintenance and reduce downtime with remote monitoring of mine vehicle sensors and telematics.
  • Maximize production by monitoring draw and dump locations, route and lap times, and optimizing mining truck refueling practices.

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