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Market Demand & Challenge

Nowadays, camera system plays a key role in towing truck business because it can record evidence to protect the drivers and vehicles. In the operation of towing business, usually there would be some conflicts between towing companies and the drivers because in some cases the insurance companies would not take responsibilities without video recording when the vehicles are damaged on the road.


  • Howen camera system can monitor driving behavior to makes sure the operation running perfectly. Howen vehicle services system can be worked on VSS CMS or other 3rd platform so that users can do different fleet management based on the requirements.
  • 2ch FHD MDVR ensures the most clear video footage with the most cost-effective solution. Customer can choose cameras flexibly: rear viewing to monitor the operation, and front or cabin view to monitor the road or driver behavior.
  • Availability to connect accessories like fuel sensor, emergency button, to provide more features of fleet management.
  • Additionally, Howen Mobile Data Terminal can offer professional services as in-vehicle tablet to improve the dispatch efficiency


  • Provide the high definition video for evidence for operation and accidents.
  • Monitor the driver behavior, preventing from illegal operation
  • Improve the fleet management efficiency and response time and dispatch
  • Saving the TCO (saving hardware investment cost, and saving 50% of the storage and 3G/4G data cost)

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