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Trailer truck takes one of the heaviest and most important tasks among all types of logistics transportation vehicles. The high value assets and goods calls for secured security monitoring. And the long journey driving shift requires a proper management for driver behavior.

Challenges for trailer truck:

  • Long trailer’s dimensions need suitable monitoring area
  • Detach-able trailer need the system to be easily dis-assembled during management.
  • Long time driving cause drowsiness of drivers, risky of accidents
  • High value goods transported requires high-level secured solutions


Considering the complicated structural size and scenarios of trailer truck, including articulated trucks, Howen’s VSS for trailer trucks provider a 360 degree and in-depth monitoring for the tractor, trailer, driver cabin, driver behavior, vehicle status, etc.

  1. Up to 8/12 channels MDVR: full view of inside of driver cab, and outside of truck
  2. Surveillance of blind spots, which threats the safety and driving risk of articulated trucks
  3. Detach-able trailer connectors, to provide convenience, when trailer is detached and assembled to tractor.
  4. Real-time GPS tracking monitoring, and event-based video uploading.
  5. Driver behavior monitoring:
  • Vehicle status: Harsh braking, Harsh acceleration, tilting, impact detection, etc.
  • Driver drowsiness detection by Driver Monitoring System


  • Save more than 30% operation costs by driving behavior monitoring;
  • Total solution for logistics fleet management;
  • Increase the efficiency by precessing eletronic reports;
  • 3rd Party Support fleet manage software platform;

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