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Market Demand & Challenge

Today’s waste management organization’s face significant barriers to optimal efficiencies – lack of real visibility into driver and truck activity, increasing costs, inaccurate billing, inefficient service verification, safety issues, labor intensive data processes, customer service delays, a desire to be ‘greener’, and a confusing array of technology options for business and fleet management.
Howen combines its extensive industry expertise with practical, leading-edge technology to approach fleet management issues in a holistic and fully integrated manner. Howen Vehicle Serivice System features an end-to-end offering that includes all the key components required to run waste fleets more efficiently and sustainably – onboard computers, route management software, automated service verification, fleet mapping and tracking, driver direction, RFID tracking, camera systems etc.


  • Real-time driver directions

  • Lift detection

  • DVR recording and playback

  • Alert Snapshot

  • RFID Integration

  • Reports for analysis


  • Delivers lasting improvements to driver behaviors and overall fleet safety
  • Since drivers know that their driving behaviours are being captured, they modulate them in accordance with official policies, leading to safer operation of vehicles during pick-ups and while travelling
  • Irrefutable evidence, including video, of real-world behaviors and circumstances shortens the time required to address and change behaviors
  • Multiple camera views enable complete visibility of the vehicle and its immediate environment resulting in safer operation
  • Capture of GPS and ECM data provides irrefutable evidence to drive safety conversations and coaching
  • Understanding of the circumstances leading up to and including an accident, with supporting data and video evidence, provides opportunity for clear and immediate resolution

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